Automatic bag machine can be used in rubber industry?

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Automatic bag machine can be used in rubber industry? Joyu P in recent days, a barrage of got a call from the customer, want to save the cost, reduce the labor of workers, in baidu to find our company, ask the bag function cannot be used for their rubber packing, the following will tell you about them. As you all know, in the industrial automation market, mismatch between supply and demand. Customer needs is complete can satisfy the manufacturing process of electrical control system, and suppliers are various standardized device products, meet the requirements of the company product process. Therefore, non-standard custom can solve everyone's immediate concern, zhongyu bag machine of course occupied a place in the history of science and technology automatically, it is not the used for rubber and plastic industry, feed, chemical industry, and other industries, of course, there are certain requirements. Here is used in rubber industry under the requirement. First, we need to know your packing material properties, particles, powder, premix? Other special particles, we can more clear understanding of the material liquid, automatic bag machine can only be used in the rubber industry raw materials manufacturers. Such as: rubber hose, rubber roller, rubber wire and cable, rubber belt, shoes materials, the material, brake pads, seals and other industries powder, granule, liquid raw materials. Second, we need to know the bags after an unprecedented and filled with characteristics, that is, long, wide, high, and material properties of the packaging bags. Finally, must know the size, so you can know the equipment can have enough space to hold. Understand the above three basic conditions, is basically on the automatic machine, bag, of course, each company has its own process requirement, function requirement, can also according to customer's request, under the condition of technical ability, can also be customized. Why are an increasing number of enterprises for bag machine? Below I give everybody to do the analysis efficiency! Value analysis: automatic bag machine: replace artificial bagged, reduce the labor force. A packing scale: two workers who, between two shifts a day, the per capita salary RMB/month, $* = : one year. Ten thousand yuan/month * = months/years. Ten thousand yuan. If there is a line, *. =. Ten thousand yuan; Can save. Ten thousand yuan/year.
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