Authorized distributors Jin Longyu cable analysed main technology of wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Jin Longyu cable authorized distributor of wire and cable is analysed main technological w P Jin Longyu wire and cable manufacturing and most of the mode of production of mechanical and electronic products are completely different. All Jin Longyu is from conductor wire and cable processing begins, the outside of the conductor layer by layer and insulation, shielding, and cabling, security layer, etc. , made of wire and cable products. The more the more complex the product structure, the level of the stack. Authorized distributors Jin Longyu cable belt we know today under Jin Longyu main technology: wire and cable Jin Longyu cable is through: drawing and stranding, covering three kinds of technology to make a complete, the more complex models specifications, the higher repeatability. 。 Control in metal pressure processing. Under the action of external force force through metal mold ( Pressure wheel) Is compressed, metallic cross-sectional area, and obtain the required cross-sectional area of the shape and size of technology processing method called metal drawing. Control process: monofilament drawing and stranding control. 。 Stranding in order to improve the flexibility of Jin Longyu wire and cable, the overall degree of, let more than single wire, according to the provisions of the direction of the intertwined called stranding. Stranding process points: stranded conductor system, cabling, knitting, steel wire armoured and winding. 。 Coating according to the different performance requirements for Jin Longyu wire and cable, using special equipment outside the conductor of the bread by different materials. Cladding process points: A. Crowded package: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum and other materials. B。 Package: longitudinal rubber, corrugated aluminium material. C。 Around the package: strip of paper tape, mica tape, alkali-free glass fiber, non-woven fabric, plastic, etc. , linear fiber materials such as cotton, silk. D。 Dip coating: insulating paint, asphalt and other Jin Longyu cable authorized distributors to tell everyone: Jin Longyu through the drawing and stranding wire and cable, covering the three process to make a complete, you understand? This article source: HTTP / / WWW. chinadianxiandianlan。 com/
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