Australia's new technology: beer wastewater can power generation & # 45; - - - - - - - - - - - - Can you believe that?

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Australia's new technology: beer wastewater can power generation & #; & #; Can you believe that? Dldxgys P brewers in Australia in collaboration with scientists, have developed a new wastewater treatment technology, which can put the distillery wastewater into clean energy. Scientists at the university of Queensland, Australia, announced the experiment technology. They a beer brewed in the vicinity of the Queensland capital of Brisbane factory installed a microbial fuel cell equipped, brewery wastewater through decomposition, can generate electricity and clean water. This equipment is expected to officially launched. Occurring in the process of beer production wastewater contains a large number of organic materials, such as sugar, starch and alcohol, but with a mixture of many microorganisms ( Bacteria) 。 In the past, these organic materials can only with the waste water discharge, environmental pollution, and waste of resources. http / / www。 cndldx。 Com the microbial fuel cell when using the bacterial decomposition of organic matter in the brewery wastewater from chemical energy, and then convert chemical energy to electrical energy. Yoel wastewater expert at the university of Queensland, says prof keller 'brewery wastewater is a kind of very good resources, biodegradable, and highly concentrated, contribute to the improvement of the performance of the fuel cell. 'the brewery belongs to foster's group. According to the report, experimental study of microbial fuel cell of approved by the Australian government, funded by the government than the Australian dollar ( Jn. Thousands of dollars) 。 Keller is expected, in the fuel cell of brewery equipment can generate kilowatts per month, meet the power consumption of a family. He also hopes that the technology can be applied to a final fosters other beer breweries and wine brewing plant. Keller said, 'it is not in order to obtain more energy, it is the first problem of wastewater treatment, rather than production power gain profit. 'resources for HTTP / / WWW. cndldx。 com/TradeNews/ViewTradeInfo。 aspx吗? InfoId =
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