At the end of 2016 Arab countries effective number of cable system will be up to 53

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Arab countries by the end of the effective number of cable system will reach a atltech P Arab countries by the end of cable system effectively number will amount to an Arab ArabAdvisorsGroup consultant group released the latest report, by the years, the number of cable system in Arab countries are running at a. By the year, the effective number of cable system in the Arab. Is expected by the end of the year, Arab countries effective number will reach a submarine cable system. Detailed in the report points out, in an Arab country, effective submarine cable and building submarine cable for a number of deadline at the end of the year, submarine cables will rise to a number of effective at the same time, the report does not include the cable within a country or a retired submarine cable system. The Arab countries: Algeria, bahrain, comoros, djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, united Arab emirates and yemen. At the same time, because the Palestinian submarine cable not connected to any other Arab countries, are not included. Report said that the united Arab emirates (uae) is a effective and most populous country, the number of cable system under construction in total, followed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, each have a. ( Reprint please indicate the article source: British gloria Tony Caledonian cables) British gloria Tony ( Caledonian) Cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai office contact person: ms zou email penny @ caledoniancables. ComSkypepenny_ company website HTTP / / WWW. caledoniancable。 com( Chinese) http / / www。 caledoniancables。 es( Spanish) Facebook:https//www. facebook。 com/CaledonianCablesLtd/< div> < / div> < div> < /div>
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