Asymptotic billions of nuclear power to restart the market will start soon

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Asymptotic billions of nuclear power to restart the market opened of heibaocjp P under the multiple pressures such as energy and environmental protection, has suspended nuclear power project in recent years, constantly release the reset signal. Under the market expectations, and nuclear power in the harvest. % of the gains, outperform several percentage points. Many brokers, however, think that this is just the prelude to a rise in the sector as a whole, with the approval policy of gradually fall to the ground, and nuclear power sector bellwether strength would be spread to the sector. Wide hair negotiable securities predict that next year China's nuclear power will have a total investment of one hundred million yuan, including nuclear power equipment manufacturing market space super billions, related businesses will have substantial order opportunity. Nuclear power resumption of asymptotic 'going out' for (date) (month) (year), the National Development and Reform Commission secretary general Li Piaomin said publicly that on the premise of ensuring security, coastal areas will launch a number of nuclear power engineering. This is for examination and approval of new nuclear power project in suspended top three years after the first clear voice to restart. Month, guangxi, the first nuclear power out of line was put into lines roughly 17 kilometers, on the same day, there are media reports, after manufacture nuclear grade digital instrument control system, the nuclear power plant control system through the acceptance, nuclear reactors 'heart' autonomization and localization is realized. Month day, qinshan nuclear power plant expansion project connected to the grid, push the qinshan nuclear power plant to the project of China's biggest nuclear power base and at the same time, also will restart nuclear power to break the ice into a substantial stage. Month, China's nuclear industry is to create anniversary, three ministries of the nuclear safety culture policy statement, laid the foundation of nuclear power to restart. In the domestic nuclear power project restart expected asymptotic at the same time, nuclear power 'sea' continues to heat up. Last month, in the nuclear, CGNPC and state nuclear power technology company signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with UK companies, month, li keqiang, explicitly encourage Chinese enterprises to participate in the Czech republic expansion of nuclear power facilities. Have agency predicted, according to China's overseas nuclear power market in the future will be put into one hundred million yuan. Nuclear power technology in our country continues to break through and become the world's leading level under the premise of nuclear power is expected to meet high iron, actively go out and eat this 'big cake'. Only nuclear power stocks is lower than the yuan has been heavily into the social security fund since shocks climbed to date A shares, stocks share price focus is overall uplift. According to wind data show that only the two cities have the stocks of the concept of nuclear power, nuclear, there are only achieved positive returns. Even so, the nuclear power sector is still two cities 'camp' penny stock. As of yesterday, the sector has ganyue expressway, taigang stainless, a Chinese heavy stocks is lower than RMB, the ganyue expressway, taigang stainless is lower than the yuan. In addition, shareholders from three quarterly reports, several nuclear power listed company by means of fund. According to statistics, as a 'stock market barometer' of the social security fund in the third quarter, a total of new shares, only LanShi reshipment, taigang stainless, western materials share, Dan just only nuclear power on the list. While shield Ann environment by information and public offering of fund of an ancient name for China, a big rush. Billions of grade market will open the concerning focus of a class of shares into a brokerage shenyin Wan Guoyan newspaper, said in a nuclear power sector there are five catalysts: nuclear power much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning is expected to month issued; Whether the inland nuclear power much starker choices-and graver consequences-in let go; In nuclear power and nuclear built in China a-share listed process; Nuclear power of new projects; Overseas export opportunities, at least will continue throughout the year to year. This view has been the recognition of guotai junan securities. Haitong securities research report, due to the nuclear power industry has low starting point, high potential, fast, large market, the future growth is determined, will be a turning point in the growth of the more obvious. Mass transfer operation, under construction on the industrial chain, batch new last fall to the ground and nuclear power related assets securitization exists in three aspects: the opportunity. With wide hair negotiable securities, said nuclear power of examination and approval policy gradually let go of, nuclear power shares the opportunity will be gradually extended to the sector. If the Chinese nuclear power and nuclear building can be listed on the a-share market smoothly this year, will be A great stimulus to industry, capital to the attention of the sector is also will be further improved. In addition, wide hair negotiable securities nuclear power total investing congress in China is expected to reach one hundred million yuan, over billions of nuclear power equipment manufacturing market, related businesses will have substantial order opportunity. In a-share listed companies, dongfang, Shanghai electric, A Chinese heavy, treasure, Oriental zirconium, titanium shares in nuclear technology and nuclear materials such as mark of Cornwall sustainable focus.
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