Article 6 the large fault interruption of submarine cable network

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Six large area interruption of submarine cable network fault days Hao P month start in the morning, sohu netizens report says the foreign media, such as MSN, yahoo messenger instant messaging tools are unable to login, involved in jiangsu, shandong, hubei and so on throughout the country. At some points, some netizens to sohu IT broke, according to the network failure reason is the widespread disruption undersea optical cable, and the causes of submarine cable interrupt is dotted around at night. An earthquake of magnitude. According to the fact that many routing are interrupted by Taiwan sea cable system, including the asia-pacific a number, the asia-pacific ii, China and the United States, Asia and Europe, Flag, no. 3 CC etc. Among them, China telecom related disruptions of submarine cable are as follows:. The submarine cable in month day: fang mountain cable landing station, distance from Taiwan. Km is interrupted; 。 Asia-europe submerged in the month, no. 3: fang shan cable landing station distance from Taiwan. Km is interrupted; 。 Asia-pacific ii submarine cable S day in the month: freshwater cable landing station km from Taiwan is interrupted; 。 The asia-pacific ii submarine cable S day in the month: distance chongming cable landing station km ( Near the Taiwan) Interrupted; 。 Flag cable asia-pacific system in South Korea to Hong Kong on month period of interruption; 。 Flag cable asia-europe period in Hong Kong to Shanghai on month period of interruption. These lines of China telecom to North America, Taiwan and the direction of the Internet circuit interruption in great quantities, to the direction of the line, such as Europe, Asia Pacific voice circuit part.
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