Armoring process control points

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Armored SXXLJT P process quality control of the process of process control points generally divided into three stages, namely preparation stage, operating stage and completion stage. , quality control) before driving In before the clamping wire core, should according to the requirements of equipment inspection, the inspection equipment. Boot device when necessary for commissioning, check the operation condition of each related parts, all kinds of protection switch is valid. ) For computer cable core plate must be checked before whether to have qualified ticket to sign, and carries on the necessary review. Cable conductor surface clean without damage. ) Around the package materials, armoring materials should choose according to the requirements of process. ) Should be stipulated in the technology of hang up around the package and armoured gear, select the appropriate drawing speed, as well as the line in the right plate, mould, etc. ) Steel belt compound should be closely, in the process of the compound should be removed with interlining, burr, sand hole, corrosion defects of steel belt. , the armoring process quality control) Will wear and connected to the guide rope cable core. ) After run slow boot device, a certain length, stop check around the package, armoured parameters, etc. The running situation of equipment for a check again, to make sure in good condition. ) After waiting for them in order to normal driving operation, in the process of running, can't leave without permission, shall carry out inspection sheathed outside diameter, appearance, etc. And record according to the requirements of semi-finished products inspection specifications. ) Around the bag with overlap rate should comply with the requirements, generally not less than %. ) Sheathed outside diameter should be measured frequently, and within the scope of process control, ±毫米) 。 ) Armored steel belt to allow joint, joint to smooth, firm, the edge of the joint part can not have burrs, the phenomenon such as tilted Angle. ) Row of pitch line should be adapted to core size and charge linear velocity, it is strictly prohibited to severe cross array. Coil can't pack too full, the general should be lower than the rim - mm advisable, prevent collision should be paid attention to when discharging plate wire core, after the completion of quality control, for each dish off the plane after the armoured cable conductor should be fill in process CARDS and all kinds of reports, to ensure the quality of the semi-product circulation. ) For each plate armoured cable conductor should be after you get off again to verify whether meet the requirements, and according to the designated place to put. ) After work should shut off the power, in order to prevent others wrong operation cause equipment failure. ) Remove the excess material, in order to prevent the mixture. ) In case of succession, operation and unfinished situation according to the facts of class should be handed over to the successor work. Platform - 'Shen Xing cable group' skill is going to launch: [SXXLJT edited]
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