'Area' all the way to grab the northwest electric market

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] 'Area' all the way to grab the northwest electric market P as CSR zhuzhou electric co. , LTD. , in the xinjiang hami rolled out the first megawatt wind turbines, means 'area' is the northwest electric market. Area, namely economic belt 'silk road'; All the way, that is, 'century Marine silk road'. Are endowed with a lot of mission 'area' strategy, is considered to be China's opening to the outside world '. Version ', is seen as more stimulating China's economy a new engine. This is a great innovation in China's economic diplomacy, is an important way to deepen the reform, opening to the outside world grand strategy in the new period, is a new mode of regional economic integration. The northwest region is the silk road bring important traffic hub, commercial and logistics and cultural science and education center, the development of the northwest market for promoting the construction of 'area', and strengthen cooperation, and comprehensively improve the level of economic development in the Middle East plays a particularly important role. 'Area' is a regional strategy, take the northwest electric market, to the northwest region even the whole China's foreign trade economy plays a big role.
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