'Area' all the way into electrical equipment industry to dig gold mine

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] 'Area' all the way into electrical equipment industry to dig gold globledata P 'area' strategy as a national key strategy in recent years, there is no doubt once again become the focus of national annual in the subject. All the way in promoting 'area' strategy, network connectivity will accelerate its neighboring countries, a large number of domestic industries of electrical equipment requirements. Our country network connectivity with its neighboring countries have enormous potential. On the one hand, China's clean energy low carbon development pressure and large power consumption growth space, provide a broad electricity market for its neighboring countries. The neighboring countries, on the other hand, coal, water, and primary energy such as wind power and solar energy is very rich, high development value, and are complementary in our country. The CPPCC national committee, party secretary, general manager of China power investment corp. President lu qizhou China power investment group, said 'One Belt And One Road' quite a lot of country is a developing country, the relative lack of power, and in the power equipment and power planning, power engineering construction and plant application level is quite high, through to go out, can promote the development of local power, at the same time in order to increase the export of our electric power equipment. Transmission corridor is the basis of support 'area' strategy implementation, 'One Belt And One Road economic belt transmission corridor' the first step is to realize the power grid and central Asian countries, share of kazakhstan large energy base and the central Asia is rich in wind energy and solar energy resources, the forward or connected to the Internet will realize and Mongolia, Russia and other countries. The achievement of this process is need based on the uhv technology. From the practice of China's power grid operation, uhv technology is mature, combined with years of experience in power grid operation, which laid a foundation for network connectivity. The development of the uhv technology and nate high-voltage backbone network frame and the comprehensive construction of the national power market, for large-scale power grid connectivity with its neighboring countries and power exchange laid a solid foundation. The state grid corporation put forward to Mr Base buss tuzla in kazakhstan - Nanyang - kV uhv dc engineering, Krakow, Russia yel together - Hebei bazhou - kV uhv dc engineering, Mongolia xibe aobao - Tianjin and xinjiang ili - Islamabad, Pakistan - kV dc project prophase work. In the implementation of the strategy of 'area', along the national electric power construction will be rapid development, to produce a large number of electrical equipment requirements. It is understood that state grid is advancing with surrounding countries such as Russia, Mongolia, kazakhstan, Pakistan, network connectivity, to year, is expected to be built into a multinational power transmission project, with a total investment of one hundred million yuan. Under the strategy of 'area', electric power and other energy companies are actively looking for the opportunity of 'going out'. The CPPCC national committee, China electric power construction group co. , LTD, former chairman of fan xiang advice, by the state plays integration capacity, make the whole electric power industry ready formation of 'going out', so as to go high-end, reflects the advantage. Matching resources and market, technical skills and development needs, the strategy of 'One Belt And One Road' has become the electrical equipment company a to dig gold, not only can absorb excess capacity in China, also can promote the upgrade in made in China.
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