'Area' achievement cable market

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] 'Area' achievement cable globledata P to promote infrastructure construction of the large market 'area' strategy, there is no doubt will bring a huge to cable companies of 'cake'. Whether all the way 'area' vision and action file for cable companies directly benefit the construction of cross-border fiber optics communication mains network or power and transmission channel construction, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and solar energy indirectly stimulate the cable requirements, is the history of the cable companies must not miss opportunities. Month, China's three ministries jointly issued 'area' vision and action. From which it can be seen that cable companies can dig the largest future investment opportunities or is 'cross-border optical cable communication trunk network construction', 'cross-border power and transmission channel construction', 'water and electricity, nuclear power, wind power, clean and renewable energy such as solar energy cooperation', etc. Submarine cable, optical cable is the foundation of high speed information transmission, also is the carrier of subsequent information service. Mature domestic ordinary optical fiber cable industrial chain, and submarine cable is in the initial state. Promoting cross-border fiber optics communication mains network construction, accelerate the bilateral cross-border optical cable construction, such as project planning and construction of intercontinental undersea optical cable, will stimulate the fiber optic cable needs. In terms of power, the implementation of the future all the way 'area', probably in Asia within the scope of central Asia, Mongolia, Russia ( Asia section) By China to southeast Asia, South Asia power grid interconnection model. All the way in the 'area' strategy involved in Asian countries, in addition to a few countries such as Thailand, most of the rest of the country's power transmission losses are larger. The demand of the new grid and grid upgrading is a huge demand for cable market. 'Area' all the way along the multinational for developing countries, mostly in the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization stage, needs a lot of capital and advanced technology to develop power infrastructure. Comply with the international situation of 'going out' will provide opportunities for the cable companies. In respect of clean energy power generation, many countries along the 'One Belt And One Road' has rich resources of wind and solar power, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, actively promote clean, renewable energy sources such as solar energy cooperation, predictably, the development of clean energy is also the major development. As China vigorously develop clean energy, to the pull of wire and cable industry is huge. 'Area' is the road to a win-win cooperation, cross-border optical cable construction, cross-border power and transmission channel construction, and actively develop clean energy such as 'area' is the important content of construction of cable companies to pass historic opportunity. Cable companies to adjust the industrial structure, promote the transformation and upgrading, promote the international competitiveness.
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