Appropriate home heating USES mat heating system

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Home heating appropriate USES mat heating system knifeqiao P to follow the development of the electric heating system, whether industrial electric heating profession is still resides complementary heat, more and more get people's attention. In the category of home heating, heating mat long-distance control, intelligent temperature control, allow householders 'enjoy' easy life assured. Business electric group focus on electric mat production equipment as well as research work ten years, electric floor heating construction equipment has a wealth of experience, with high quality buildings in many cities have collaboration, electric heating floor manufacturer is below electric mat heating system using a simple introduction of the family. Above, electric heating mat sample electric floor heating system equipment requirements laid in steel wire net, card buckle, insulation board, such as material, now we have a promotion product heating cable - Heating mat. Heating mat mat is a kind of first floor heating system, without laying cement layer can be directly into the ground adornment material under the adhesive of the mm, laid adjustable, is advantageous for the equipment. Lead them double DaoFa re seats on the basis of heating cable products, selection of diameter. Mm high temperature resistant fluorine plastic double DaoFa heating cable and glass fibres. Heating cable according to the using area is different, have different specifications, width is usually cm, length according to the practice demand is not the same as the total number of square, choose suitable for specification of electric tracing band, has a different square meters area of hot mat. Automobile refitting classification, car mat floor heating equipment factory fever in lunch, don't need a lot of accessories, facilitate standardization operation, suitable for all kinds of decorative materials on the ground. Whether concrete ground, wood floor, is still the old or terrazzo floor of the ceramic tile of the ground, it equipment in the ceramic tile adhesive, has no effect on the ground elevation is almost. Lead them double DaoFa re seats can also directly in the original laying on the ground without other processing on the ground of the original. Heating mat temperature rising fast, good insulation effect, you minutes after launching system desired temperature of the earth. In addition, the heating of the heat mat, together with the temperature control of heating cable heating method can control the chamber partition, a room using a thermostat control, independent scheduling indoor temperature, for example, bedroom, sitting room, toilet, etc. By district heating, house heating, hotel heating, heating of the livestock farming and other categories of widely anticipated. — — Above is 'appropriate home heating USES mat heating system' all of the content, now household heating from under air conditioning only gradually tend to be in the form of electric heating floor of high quality life forms, trust in the near tomorrow, electric heating of the mat will be more widely used. Intelligent electric heating floor brand: electrical business
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