Announced new channel in shandong 'is expected to be completed in 2017

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Like wire into a new channel is expected to be in 'lu built the heibaocjp P cable online & lt; DIV id = = rich_media_thumb_wrp媒体类> < SCRIPT>( 函数( ) { var =“http / / mmbiz封面。 qpic。 cn/mmbiz/woJtNCQLlruXgWLWFZYmEzNdKYWwviasibRjXALeBQebdmFeFFnRZQicFztobEmcZYjLLemXATIqaFw/'; 文档。 write( & #; < img类= ' rich_media_thumb ' id =“js_cover”onerror = '。 parentNode。 removeChild( 这一点) ' datasrc='&#; +封面+ & #; ' /> & #; ) ; } ) ( ) ; < /脚本> < / DIV> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> recently, two meetings held in jinan in shandong province. Electric into lu ', is the construction of 'the three new channel, will make the shandong accepted into kw power transmission capacity, outside the province in the future there will be/the power of other provinces to shandong. The three 'electric' lu new channel are respectively XiMeng to jinan uhv power transmission project in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai temple to linyi and shaanxi yulin-hengshan to weifang uhv thoroughfare. Among them, the Inner Mongolia XiMeng to jinan construction started construction of uhv power transmission in Inner Mongolia, Shanghai temple to linyi, shanxi yulin-hengshan and approved uhv channel to carry out the prophase work of weifang. It is reported that three electric into lu '' the new channel is expected in the years to build. Is completed, the shandong accept, fujian association of foreign languages and transmission capacity can be put into kw, alternative coal consumption of ten thousand tons, in the province can be appropriate to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of ten thousand tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One hundred million tons, to optimize the energy structure, guarantee the power supply, improve the atmospheric environment, and promote the transformation of development is of great significance. The cable online ( dianlan。 cn) Is a professional wire and cable industry technical consulting service with the price. Company based on the mechanical and electrical industry, on the basis of large data, to provide customers with products of consulting services such as technology, price, brand competitiveness, and build operation of the world's leading industrial electronic trading platform. < /DIV>
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