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by:AAA     2020-12-13
【 Cable network - 】 Recently, the reporter learned from henan province pledges inspect bureau, the zhengzhou city bureau of quality and technical supervision shall be responsible for the preparation of henan electric wire electric cable standardization technical committee, and for the province's public solicitation electric wire electric cable standardization experts & ndash; — Standardization technical committee members.

it is known that cable expert technical committee will be registered from henan province wire and cable and accessories, wire and cable materials, wire and cable installation tooling mould, wire and cable research and development, production, use, marketing and other aspects, such as enterprises, research institutes, inspection institutions, colleges and universities, industry associations, certification bodies and consumers on behalf of the related units, such as openly recruit, give priority to encourage has certain technical strength of the experts in industry backbone enterprises, leading enterprises. Such gf hero post type expert committee recruit way, not only can attract talent to actively participate in wire and cable industry, also can promote henan province wire and cable industry involved in standardization committee of vitality, after can make the wire and cable standards closer to the market demand, more ground, is advantageous to the industry sustainable and healthy development in an all-round way.

after the establishment of the electric wire electric cable standardization technical committee of henan province can be under the guidance of relevant state policies and regulations, to the bureau of quality and technical supervision departments of henan province puts forward structure design of cable and accessories, cable materials, formula design, cable tooling mold design, process design, cable laying cable and raw materials installed in areas such as standardized work principles, policies and technical measures, organize the professional technology in the field of local standard revision of the technical review, organize the enterprise standard of our industry technical review, to the Standardization Administration departments and relevant administrative competent departments to declare the standardization in the field of professional scientific research project, etc.

at present, the henan province for wire and cable manufacturing enterprises more than 250, the production of wire and cable in the hierarchical level. Among them, henan huatai special cable, special cable, zhengzhou henan constant day third cable, cable manufacturers such as henan jinshui cable group has become a leading enterprise in henan province, henan in the national wire and cable industry also has an indispensable position. So that henan openly recruit of quality electric wire electric cable standardization technical committee members will also be conducive to the national electric wire electric cable profession environment improvement.
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