Analysis: the south cable foreign cable enterprise performance is not proud of the people

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] The south cable editorial foreign cable enterprise's performance is not Chinese people proud BSCRM P' The south cable network] Since China's reform and opening up, China's huge industrial developed countries was so attracted by wire and cable market of cable manufacturers to come to invest, and achieved good results. However, foreign cable enterprise's performance is not proud of the people. Foreign investment in China builds electric wire electric cable factory, the product coverage, involving almost all wire and cable products field, from - kV high voltage and ultrahigh pressure crosslinking cable, the tiny electronic cable, and its size have a small factory. The foreign capital mainly comes from Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong and Taiwan. These foreign investment has made outstanding achievements, in the Chinese market. Among them, the Japanese ancient river electrician and Taiwan huaxin lihua - kV crosslinking cable has occupied a considerable market share in China. French nexon company special cable and traffic with cable has a very high reputation in China, is constantly into some key projects, has recently won the bid hainan kV cable project. Dutch Philip and cable of the Germany Siemens has long been a household name in China. CTC companies in the United States of the ACCC conductor and successfully break into the Chinese market and start to set up manufacturing bases. There are many do enameled wire, electronic cable, power cable, inc. , etc. There is no denying the fact that foreign companies in technology is more advanced, the product is fine, the quality is high. However, those products are foreign brands, and has nothing to do with China's wire and cable industry. As to whether to learn foreign companies in technology, also can only be true dozen hang, degree of the technical secret chamber indeed to Chinese people. It is said that there was in the cable industry in China famous people go to foreign companies, also cause foreign break into a furious rage. Competition in the market not to mention, have foreign advantageous conditions and practices, to appease the user have to jump through, and cable companies in China can only watch somebody else's business is thriving. To protect the interests of the foreign policy, is a foreign shots, did the difficulties in the way, walk the line. Hence, in many important projects, filled with foreign products. Some is spelled out in the tender documents' bidder must is a wholly foreign owned company or joint venture '. In some industry conference, however, people also feel the foreign capital enterprise preferential, seems particularly respected, seems to be the name particularly loud, seems to have superior, even - can enter the leadership council. This is a kind of distorted values. Just think, foreign wire and cable industry can make you join? The council can enter the somebody else? These foreign companies, some of them are owned, some of them are joint venture holding or controlling. However, in the current national wire and cable industry under the condition of the overall profits, foreign companies have repeatedly against losses. The more they loss, and the more to invest. This phenomenon has become common. It should be said that is the purpose of the foreign capital to build factories in China to make money, don't make money who? While China is the purpose of attracting foreign investment for technology and taxes. If both not learn technology, and can not get tax, also beat the domestic wire and cable industry. So, the foreign investment enterprises cable performance is not proud of the people. On this background, also have a large number of elite native of wire and cable, they have a broad mind of the Chinese nation, bleeding, sweating, no tears!
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