Analysis of electric power industry development in our country in 2015

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] In analysis of electric power industry development in our country heibaocjp P in fact for the common people, the scale of the new electric change solution size is not important, people care more about the new electric change after home electricity price is rising or falling. But from the point of the new electric change plan, its influence is more influence to the industrial and commercial power units. But accounts for about eighty percent of the country's electricity consumption, the field is closely related to people's life also. Five characteristics of power generation enterprises under the new norm of our country economic development into the new normal, for the influence of the electric power industry is of profound and systematic. Chen Zongfa thinks, at present, the present five phases: the power generation enterprises in our country. Economic growth is shifting, power consumption growth slowed, generating a competitive; 。 Coal prices remain low, a power generation industry profit 'cornerstone', 'electricity coal losses' pattern more obvious; 。 Non-electric industry profit and loss differentiation, transfer mode, adjust structure faces new challenges; 。 Resources and environment carrying capacity is abate, energy conservation and emissions reduction pressure surge, the power structure of the clean development, accelerated the regional spatial layout transformation; 。 Power generation side of administrative intervention, low degree of marketization, the plan and market operation. New electric change impact on power generation side of the new electric effect on the power generation side, China huadian corporation corporate governance legal department director Chen Zongfa think, new electric change will reshape the power generation enterprises, the management idea, development space, the business model will have a significant impact. Power generation industry long-term profit and loss could be differentiation, evolution, mergers and reorganization of the situation. Chen Zongfa: is put forward. Power generation companies in electricity sales and users deal directly, can obtain a bigger development space; 。 Power market will be more competitive, fairness, directly; Electricity price mechanism will be more market-oriented, but in the overall level of stability and fall; 。 Distributed energy and new energy development supporting measures will be more secure; Factors influencing the profit and loss of power enterprises will be more complicated. In terms of electricity price reform, Chen Zongfa pointed out that the government alone profit distribution electricity price changed from the system of check and ratify grid pattern, prevent by scheduling, post benefit, maintains the power generation enterprise legitimate rights and interests. Can direct power purchase reform makes power generation enterprises by major users get more power, reduce fixed costs and reduce the loss of benefit but excess the market at present, easily lead to excessive competition, increase electricity price levels drop. In terms of market reform, he thinks, the severe excess in the current power market, the steady economic growth under the background of pressure, power generation ever dominate in the negotiated price, market pricing, still depends on the power generation enterprise strength and market conditions. Electricity sales in the new electricity reform allows sell electricity in a conform to the conditions of power generation enterprises investment company, for power generation companies are likely to be a new profit growth point. A policy that is beneficial to extend the industrial chain, power enterprises sale, optimize the allocation of resources and the strategic layout, but at the same time to watch the heavy discounting, between power generation company bear the market risk. Power generation enterprises to actively respond to the new electricity after change new electric power generation enterprise how to seize the opportunity, avoid risk? Chen Zongfa Suggestions, he think: first of all, new electric power generation enterprises should actively carry out reform plan of study, tracking matching rules, pay close attention to the reform pilot areas. Next, want to find out each generating set bottom, actively participate in electricity trading directly, ready to sell electricity company formation. Third, we should shift focus from the past 'government' to 'market', actively with big clients, government departments, competitors, communication and coordination, prevent vicious competition, achieve multi-win-win situation. Fourth, the establishment of 'market-oriented, customer demand as the center' of the electric power marketing system. Fifth, the development of the control power supply rhythm, strengthen optimal allocation, improve equipment reliability, enhance competitiveness. Sixth, to two or morethings government requirements and social responsibility, efforts to promote clean energy efficient utilization, should avoid to take the name of reform development of energy-intensive industries, reform the direct trading exploration into a special policies reduce energy-intensive enterprise cost. At the same time, to prevent redundant construction distribution network, to achieve reasonable sell electricity market competition.
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