Analysis of application of gloss meter in the hardware industry

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Gloss meter application in hardware industry analysis of GMF P hardware know is gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, referring to the metal. And these things around us are so common aluminum alloy doors and Windows, window what lily, appearance, handle and so on, is inseparable from the hardware. But not the product today, but the metal gloss meter exactly have much important, choose what kind of gloss meter is suitable for hardware industry? First said the luster of the hardware industry, namely the luster of the products, such as the production of hardware products of aluminium alloy door, this kind of thing. But if the luster of the products is very dim or how to do is very conspicuous, such effect is one came in the sense that gives a person is very deep, or is too dazzling, luster can be appropriate, otherwise the general hardware products produced is not how many people favor, and now has a lot of hardware vendors have luster as a standard measuring the quality of products. Then the choice question, what is the gloss meter is suitable for hardware industry? Hardware industry products are mostly color is more even, this means that the luster also is same, but because of product modeling, measurement of different product attributes, when choosing so or distinguishing. Generally speaking, if is a simple metal products I suggest that can use the WGA single Angle gloss meter, if that is responsible for accessories or the shape of changeful, can use wei fu photoelectric science and technology of the latest factory three Angle gloss meter WG. The gloss meter in both accuracy and stability has reached the leading domestic level, a number of patented technology, unique to the luster of the front-end control and measurement in the industry, but also won the title of 'high-tech enterprises in shenzhen, so to speak, for measuring metal industry luster, completely available. < div> < / div> < Div> luster for hardware industry the importance of self-evident, for example is like a man's skin is the importance of people, situation and be clear at a glance. Therefore, choose appropriate gloss meter suitable for hardware industry is very important, good gloss must control we can better development in the industry. < / div> < Div> suzhou wide famous hair trade co. , LTD. Address in jiangsu province, suzhou new district, river international centre, lion mountain building room telephone fax website HTTP / / WWW. prochem。 cnEmailprochem_sz@prochem。 cn / sz@prochempacific. com< / div> [GMF in edited]
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