Aluminum alloy cable strong pseudo concept of 'rare earth high iron alloy' experts have revealed

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Aluminum alloy cable strong pseudo concept of 'rare earth high iron alloy' experts have revealed DLMMB P, foreign Market Research Market Research Reports. Com has issued a report is expected to aluminum alloy cable market, China in the future, even if China aluminum alloy cable the use level of current international average level only, %) , and will quickly form a huge market of up to one hundred million yuan. At present, the Chinese cable market is a real blue ocean. However, in recent years, with the development of domestic aluminum alloy cable, some manufacturers began to focus on propaganda called rare earth high iron aluminum alloy cable, and announced that treated with rare earth aluminum alloy conductor in many properties such as conductivity, flexibility, creep resistance is relatively pure aluminium has increased significantly, some even claim that many excellent performance than copper conductor, brings rare earth treatment can make a qualitative leap to aluminum performance of illusion. In response, the Chinese wire and cable standards committee director Chen Kun in the face of the media, this evaluation was presented directly: 'a lot of domestic enterprises is actually in the suit, disorderly make concept, like high iron alloy, rare earth high iron alloy and so on, all kinds of propaganda is multifarious, make people confused about, this is China's cable industry one of the irrational competition tactic. 'By the industry refers to as' chaos to build concept 'of the rare earth cable, high-speed aluminum alloy in recent years has been trying to into the mainstream market, compete with the real aluminum alloy cable. Investigate its reason, is because the aluminum alloy cable into the Chinese market truly have six or seven years, though, most domestic aluminum alloy cable enterprise's perception of aluminum alloy cable, technology and production levels are mostly in its beginning in the early, to guide and standardize, so that the concept of a flashpoint attention-seeker. So, what are rare earth high iron alloy? The industry's 'artificial' exactly what error? The expert inside course of study already have the answer. In the eighty s, non-ferrous metal and its alloy pressure processing specialist of Shanghai electric cable research institute, Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Chongqi led research and development of rare earth alloy, and successfully obtained national invention patent, it also became the early exploring for aluminum alloy cable cable industry in China. Then, to the year before and after, with the domestic aluminum alloy cable market gradually start, began to have a lot of enterprises to select the 'reference' yellow academician of scientific research. But as the inventor of the rare earth optimization technology, member of yellow paper published in the early years of the rare earth optimization application in the production of electrical aluminium conductor 'has made clear that, in the appropriate application of rare earth optimization with silicon. %。 % of the aluminum is preferred. In the case of low silicon aluminum ingots, as long as it is not greater than silicon content. % of aluminum ingots, guarantee under the premise of good processing technology, there is no need for rare earth processing. In June, 'held at in Shanghai with aluminium alloy wire cable conductor ( GB / T) The rated voltage. / kV aluminium alloy conductor crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable ( NB / T) Stable cross and technology conference, 'Huang Chongqi academician also position clearly said:' the hype of rare earth high iron alloy is entirely artificial, manufacturing enterprise should be responsible for the quality of the product! 'Industry authoritative institute of Shanghai electric cable in cable with aluminium alloy conductor and its performance study also already made clear that by relevant experiments are not added rare earth alloy performance will be improved, depending on the specific situation, Silica content) And decide. With aluminum for purity. %, silicon content in. % of aluminium ingot aluminium and aluminium alloy continuous casting and rolling production, the role of adding rare earth. With the development of desilication technology at present, our country generally have used aluminum for purity. %, silicon content in. % about aluminum ingots to produce aluminum rod, which is equal to the announced that directly into qualified aluminum rare earth actually makes no sense. On the other hand, the current domestic so-called iron alloy, rare earth high containing high iron elements and rare earth elements at the same time. As mentioned above, the optimization of rare earth function also is associated with other elements in aluminum, especially iron, this effect in a relatively low iron more apparent than in the high iron, iron content with high weaken the optimization effect of rare earths, if also said high iron content, and the optimization of rare earth processing of aluminum or aluminum alloy rod overall mechanical and electrical performance boost, on the mechanism in fact this is contradictory. Such as Shanghai electric cable research institute research and development team, only when an enterprise with low purity aluminium material when making the base material of aluminum alloy conductor, may consider adding rare earth to make up for the inadequacy of its material properties, and this kind of aluminum alloy cable itself has certain performance problems, so there is no so-called performance advantage of 'rare earth high iron aluminum alloy cable'. At the same time, in an industry standard formally landing on February 2nd the rated voltage. / kV aluminum alloy conductor with cross-linked polyethylene insulation cable 'NB/T notes, also directly on the rare earth high iron alloy gave a clear negative. Up to now, at home there is no full application cases to prove that the service life of the rare earth high iron aluminum alloy cable and long-term safety and reliability. Rare earth optimization technology is essentially aimed at high grade silicon non electrical aluminum ingots an optimization, reduce the conductivity of harmful effect on silicon, and aluminum or aluminum alloy not bring a qualitative change in performance, and the optimization is closely related to the size of the iron content, iron content is higher, the optimization effect is not obvious, the propaganda of rare earth high iron aluminum alloy cable is contradictory. Under the background of low silicon aluminum application, the application of the optimization technology is not necessary, and the rare earth as a national strategic resources, should as far as possible to apply it to where it is needed, rather than as a publicity stunt, blindly use and unnecessary waste.
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