Aluminum alloy cable should be paid attention to developing rapidly 'insects'

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Aluminum alloy cable 'insects' globledata P should be paid attention to developing rapidly in recent years, aluminum alloy cable has been rapid development in China, the reason is that the domestic cable production enterprise to the high cost of raw materials has been unbearable, secondly from domestic aluminum alloy cable introduced foreign advanced technology, so at that time the development of aluminum alloy cable is strong. Of course, in addition to the another important factor is that some important cable downstream units attached great importance to the application of aluminum alloy cable. Industries, however, especially in China's basic industries are a common survival 'law', is 'a pan is excessive, excessive whole', that is to say, once a product on the market more than up, is very easy to appear the phenomenon of good and evil people mixed up, there is no lack of entropy, the poor quality of the products; When the entropy phenomenon is too serious, both countries will be on this kind of product or industry regulation, so as to 'the most high quality wins, JiaDiZhe', cost-effective products and the enterprise will stand out. Aluminum alloy cable at present in China is still in the stage of development, but according to past experience, in the concept of the aluminum alloy cable was so high, 'insects' is necessary. What is called 'a smelly fish got full pan xing', once appear black sheep, for an industry and upstream and downstream of the damage is very large. So aluminum alloy cable manufacturing enterprises should attach great importance to product quality and performance, not for the benefit of the eyes and willing to be a 'bug'. In fact, both the traditional copper cable, and the industry had gotten hot aluminum alloy cable, in product performance and quality will be changed because of the maker's subjective reasons. Copper cable, for example, the price is different, is mainly caused by different raw materials used in production process. Production is the main raw materials of electrolytic copper, copper cable insulation and sheath material. Electrolytic copper on the raw material market at present is controlled in fifty thousand yuan per ton, and recycling of miscellaneous copper, secondary copper is only forty thousand yuan per ton; Qualified insulation and sheath material price from eight thousand to ten thousand yuan per ton, and incomplete price only four or five yuan per ton, price six to one. In addition, the conductor cross section is not enough, good or bad copper doping, cable length, etc, also is the main reason that caused the price difference. Cable products is in accordance with the requirements of national standards for production, and non-standard product or defective raw material not only is a false and inferior product, cable, length is not in conformity with the national standard requirements. Aluminum alloy cable products price difference, the reason is qualified aluminum alloy cable is the main raw materials in addition to meet international AA series aluminum alloy conductor material chemical composition and conductivity alloy conductor electrical performance requirements, and at the same time conforms to the aluminum alloy conductor in elongation, conductor flexibility, tensile strength, creep resistance and other mechanical performance requirements. Qualified aluminum alloy cable has a full range of products for the flame retardant level of crosslinking polyethylene insulation and flame retardant sheath, sheathed do not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, aluminum alloy with interlocking armor, etc. It is understood that at present domestic to produce qualified alloy cable manufacturers, only two American companies in China's factory and domestic few several alloy cable intellectual property rights technology and equipment of professional manufacturers. Qualified aluminum alloy conductor similar cost and quality cost of electrolytic copper, aluminum alloy cable than copper cable cost advantage lies in the same weight of material can produce different length of cable. Unqualified so-called alloy cables, the conductor material cost base is aluminum material cost. Unqualified alloy cables on the market, the first conductor material is unqualified, the second manufacturer because does not have the core formula technology, mature alloy cable production technology and production technology, production of metal cable products to suit the requirements of qualified alloy cables, aluminum alloy cable can say is not true, this kind of fake, counterfeit products, can only be sold. Some domestic manufacturer even when alloy aluminum cable cable sales, although is trick users into bad behavior, but compared with selling counterfeit, fake aluminum alloy cable products, aluminium cable at least when using the electrical performance is better. So for aluminum alloy cable products is not the same thing, difference is too big, so there must be the price difference. By comparison, the consumer is not difficult to see the finished cable product sales price differences, mainly on the material products, according to standard and not according to the standard production, product quality, have mature production technology, production technology, product is really aluminum alloy cable it exists problems caused by. Unqualified copper cable bring safe hidden trouble, the safety hidden danger of unqualified aluminum alloy cable will be greater. Actually not qualified than aluminum alloy cable cable, because of the unqualified alloy cable due to reasons such as technology, technology, products in the electrical performance reaches to the less than aluminum electrical performance level, physical and mechanical performance improvement is more impossible. Select unqualified aluminum alloy cable, because the economic reason it is better to choose aluminium cable directly, because aluminum cable is more economic than the unqualified aluminum alloy cable, more use value. To sum up, the current Chinese cable companies around seven thousands, mainly in copper core cable is given priority to, so especially low-end market, industry insiders said China cable industry has become a piece of the red sea, very not easy introduction of the aluminum alloy cable, which opened the new situation, if because there is no 'insects' caused by the purchasing unit can't purchasing aluminum alloy cable, cable for aluminum alloy production enterprises and the whole cable manufacturing enterprises in China will be a great hit. As a result, China aluminum alloy cable industry to seek development, 'insects' is the key.
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