Aluminum alloy cable line standard is be born 'copper' pace is still difficult

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Aluminum alloy cable line standard is 'copper' pace is still hard landing useful P as the rated voltage. / kV aluminium alloy conductor crosslinked polyethylene insulated cable ( Standard number NB/T) This (date) (month) (year) formally approved and will take effect on June 21, marked the aluminum alloy cable industry formally entered the era of regular army. As a result, the topic about 'aluminum and copper' again into people's horizons. Shown on the national standard of people can not help but ask, this generation of copper aluminum market scale have how old? Of copper, aluminum industry and what are the profound influence? Can be seen in the scope of this standard, this standard is applicable to buildings and structures and attached facilities distribution with rated voltage. / kv aluminium alloy conductor cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable. Including the flame retardant, low smoke and halogen free type cable. As the biggest supplier of building the nature of the real estate industry to become the first choice of industry. According to SMM research some real estate developers understand that a large public building, electrical investment accounted for about % of the total investment of the project, and the cable in electric investment and almost accounts for more than half of the budget, so the estimate, the investment demand for cable about % % of total investment of the building. According to textual research, incomplete now claim to domestic production of aluminum alloy cable companies already had several, but domestic aluminum alloy cable manufacturer is good and bad are intermingled, have different standards, introduced the new row mark for unified specification of industry will no doubt play a revolutionary impact, but in the short term, aluminum alloy wire in the field of application of full-scale remains to be time. As academy of China power transformer room adviser senior engineer Hou Yiming puts it, 'aluminum alloy cable due to its characteristics, which can be used for the end user, bridge, coastal and some overhead need special area, the urban distribution network operation is the most important thing the security issues, thus is more suitable for copper core cable'. In addition, in the short term to terminals and enterprise technology level and market acceptance, aluminum alloy cable implementation is still relatively slow pace.
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