Aluminum alloy cable industry 'to the aluminum copper' clear standards

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] 'To the aluminum and copper aluminum alloy cable industry' to clear standards atltech P 'with aluminum and copper aluminum alloy cable industry to clear standards despite the advantages of aluminum alloy cable is very obvious, but want to' by aluminum and copper 'in a short period of time will not be easy. People accept new things should have a process, aluminum alloy cable too, enterprises have to do is constantly creating successful cases, let more people to experience the experience of new changes in the cable. As the saying goes, nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Domestic aluminum conductor cable due to a lack of relevant industry standards, the market is not standard. China's cable industry standard lag, and the European countries such as standard system still have some gap. The lack of a unified national standards has become the biggest obstacle of aluminum alloy cable promotion. If this problem can be solved, aluminum alloy cable at home will be a bigger development. Aluminum alloy cable in our country there is no corresponding industry standards or national standards, caused by the top design, purchase, use and acceptance. Aluminum alloy cable in domestic has popularization and application for years, its market share, application field in increase year by year. User's attitude to aluminum alloy cable experienced conflict, question, understand, accept several stages. Thankfully, however, the current domestic have begun to develop aluminum alloy single wire and aluminum alloy power cable related national standards and industry standards, is now in the approval stage. While the standard, wire and cable's largest procurement unit state grid will is expected to be included in the shopping list of the aluminium alloy cables, so that the aluminum alloy cable for greater space for development. The expert analysis thinks, aluminum alloy conductor low voltage cable industry standards, laid the foundation for product evaluation and quality supervision, is one of the important means and measures for the specification product market. Aluminum alloy cable enterprises should seize the industry reshuffle opportunities. The cable industry in our country there are product quality overall level is not high, cutting corners, and sale of counterfeit goods, such as quality credibility and illegal phenomenon, the quality problems bring large hidden trouble for safety, environmental protection and health. These are the current problems to be solved, and the solution of these problems will certainly to speed up the industry reshuffle. ( Reprint please indicate the article source: British gloria Tony Caledonian cables) British gloria Tony ( Caledonian) Cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai office contact person: ms zou email penny @ caledoniancables. Com company website HTTP / / WWW. caledoniancable。 com( Chinese) http / / www。 caledoniancables。 es( Spanish) [atltech edited]
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