Aluminum alloy are more market prospect than aluminium core cable

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Aluminum alloy aluminium cable more market prospects xianlan P a, corrosion resistance of pure aluminium corrosion resistance is better than copper, but the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is better than pure aluminium, because adding the chemical elements such as rare earth alloy can increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, especially the electrochemical corrosion resistance, solved the pure aluminum at the junction of electrochemical corrosion problems in the long run. 2, conductive aluminum gold conductor is rare earth is added in the pure aluminium, magnesium, copper, iron and other elements, after emerging conductor material alloy process. As is known to all, add a variety of other alloying elements in aluminum, conductive performance will decline, and by process control, can make the conductivity back to close to the level of pure aluminum, make its have the similar pure aluminum and carrying capacity. Third, the mechanical properties of the first, tensile strength and elongation. Because compared to aluminum alloy conductor in the pure aluminium conductor, joined the special ingredients and the special processing technology, greatly improved the tensile strength, and elongation increased to %, using more safe and reliable. Second, bending performance. Bending aluminium core cable bending performance is very poor, it is easy to break, aluminum alloy power cable bending radius of times the cable diameter, is much better than the GB/T of 'minimum bending radius of cable installation' The Times specified in The Times of cable diameter. Third, flexible performance. Pure aluminium cable as long as a few times the torsion Angle, conductor can appear crack or break, easy to cause an accident, and scores of bending of aluminum alloy power cables to withstand, eliminating the previous pure aluminium cable installation in the process of using the accident hidden trouble, greatly improve the safe and reliable performance. Million mall, wire and cable route cable cable mall ( www。 xianlan。 com) Is a set research and development production and sales of wire and cable type direct online procurement platform, advocacy: 'open and transparent, kid sou have no deceit, factory direct sales to the user, no middlemen link' principles of direct selling. [xianlan edited]
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