Aluminium cable with the communication network construction of its broad application prospect

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Aluminium cable with its application prospect sanewcable communication network construction and % aluminium cable using P South America market, in other countries, large telecom operators such as telefonica, TMobile, Malaysia, O, BT has applied, and accumulated a lot of application cases. At the same time, huawei, zte, alcatel-lucent, Ericsson, nokia, samsung, Siemens, MOTOROLA and other system equipment business has also accepted the aluminium cable products. Aluminium cable is most suitable for the market or those of cost performance requirements, middle-income developing countries. In the futures prices continue to go up stage, aluminium cable price advantage will usher in more and more market space. According to introducing, at present mainly divided into corrugated pipe of the aluminium cable conductor and outer conductor of two smooth wall. Bellows aluminium cable in such aspects as mechanical performance, installation and existing copper are similar, at present, Ann, corrugated pipe of the aluminium cable occupying most of the world's market share and achieve more than %. Many domestic manufacturers has exhibited aluminium cable, can provide aluminium cable manufacturers more and more. China unicom and China mobile, and part of the institute began to formulate relevant standards aluminium cable, the future may be the aluminium cable as a new product introduction. Once published standards, aluminium cable will have a good growth opportunity. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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