Alternative material makes the shortage of copper continuous no breakthrough

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Alternative materials with no breakthrough the shortage of copper continue sanewcable P in the face of copper to break up, a lot of wire and cable factory and research institutions are looking for alternative material, but there is no breakthrough in temporary and in the use of power cable, copper conductivity can not replace, make its JinQueXing will continue to continue. As a result, the copper potential or will remain strong, helped by the largest copper consumer demand growth in China, the problem of global labor market, as well as the main producing countries such as Chile, ore grades decline in market expectations there will be a huge gap between supply and demand. According to the international copper association/CRU, in the past three years, the use of alternatives to consume less a year about % of copper. CRU's general counsel Barnes also said that if the copper prices have risen sharply, a tonne, or $, consume less due to replace copper ratio could rise to $% or %. In copper cable, conduit and in the field of telecommunications and other applications, will continue to new materials such as aluminum, plastic and fiber respectively. Used for air conditioning and other heat exchangers in copper, also is to use aluminum instead of. Market tightens up the international copper study group ( ICSG) , expects global copper supply will be a shortage of ten thousand tons, highlighting concerns about copper supply crunch. The group says the years, the global refined copper consumption is more than the output. Ten thousand tons. Lighter than copper and aluminum in copper benefit most alternatives, according to the international copper association/CRU, aluminum in recent years has accounted for about half of copper material replacement. Air conditioning in the copper tube can be substituted for aluminum tube, this is the alternative material can increase the use of a field. Threatened by large, this field is also a huge market, research manager PaulDewison CRU, according to the air conditioning market each year using about ten thousand tons of copper, we may see replace pace continues to accelerate, this kind of situation about has appeared in years. The copper products wholesalers Cubralco, said copper in some applications of heat exchangers are replaced by stainless steel. In the UK, using plastic instead of copper pipes and heating device is quite common. Replace the material limit, according to CRU copper pipes markets around the world use is less than ten thousand tons. At the same time, the copper in the field of global telecom use about ten thousand tons. Industry sources said, however, despite the many applications have been using alternative materials, but there are still more alternative space. In addition, the conductivity of copper, and the lack of mature technology, using alternative materials means that alternative material for copper market impact will be limited. Despite the power cable can use aluminum instead of copper, aluminum is less than the conductivity of the copper, means making power cable needs to increase the amount of metal. Dilatation of the cable, you need more space to adapt. So, despite the rising costs of using copper, but the consumer must weigh the costs of replacement materials. There is evidence that higher prices is accelerating the use of alternatives, an analyst at barclays capital NicholasSnowdon said. He says, the number of power cable in aluminum instead of copper may increase, overall alternative materials of copper demand will slow growth. But while copper prices high, but the appeal will not drop a lot. Special demand for copper wire DianLanYe, estimates that still will increase faster than the historical trend, Snowdon said, and points out that the power cable copper demand in emerging markets are growing. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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