After how to deal with the problems caused by cable

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] How to deal with the problems caused by cable DE P after an earthquake in order to as soon as possible to restore power after the quake, reduce equipment loss and shorten the repair time, thus reduce the secondary injury after the earthquake, should be in accordance with the 'prevention first, integrated defense; Highlight the key and phased implementation; Flat shock, regular unremitting ', to the problem of cable caused by analysis of the seismic performance for inspection. For the operation of electric power facilities, should be based on the ground motion parameter zoning map of China ( GB) Change and the specific situation of the power facilities are checked, to aseismatic capability assessment, to ensure minimum power facilities to satisfy local earthquake fortification intensity and ground motion acceleration value. After earthquake is easy damaged transformer, the displacement of main body, fixed bolts or welding parts damaged, porcelain casing rupture, bending, a high incidence of the shift, leakage. Therefore to check the fixed condition of transformer, transformer foundation reinforcement, with reinforced concrete process, prevent the epicenter foundation vibration; Transformer at the bottom of the ontology application brake strengthen fixed, prevent the transformer vibration move derailment, overturning, off Taiwan, not directly on the foundation platform. Yueqing steel structure in outdoor installation of transformer, high and low pressure appropriate USES soft connection mode, lead to adopt hard busbar connection installed in casing expansion joints, not directly use hard busbar connection on the casing; Indoor installation of transformer, should also prevent roof falling objects smashing transformer bushing. Substation structure (outside A) Electrical equipment on the shelf aseismatic ability is weak; Is caused by the porcelain casing damage fracture dump, body deformation, leakage switch equipment, lightning arrester and post insulator rupture, etc. ; Within the substation structure ( A) Frame has good seismic performance, as long as the foundation stability is not collapsed, generally do not occur between fracture, and structure ( A) The damage of the rack insulation porcelain. Substation's master control room, switch cabinet room is the most important building in transformer substation, such as protection of roof collapse not leave is the most important; Should be in strict accordance with the current national standard 'code for seismic design of buildings ( GB) Requirements for calculation of the seismic fortification intensity to adopt the new China's regulations on the ground motion parameter zoning map of basic earthquake intensity, high voltage cable, power cable, wire and cable, aluminum alloy cable, copper clad aluminum power cable is not in conformity with the requirements of structure reinforcement. Switch cabinet is the basis of power distribution equipment, the earthquake often appear cabinet put oneself in another's deformation, displacement and damage situation of post insulators in busbar, cable is also due to the roof fall, foundation subsidence and stress causes such as insulator. To clean up the fixed roof cable trough, bus bridge and other equipment; Switchgear foundation reinforcement, additional channel steel and multipoint welding; Incase pillar insulated busbar use splint fixed type, high voltage cable, cable factory in chengdu, the power cable factory, wire and cable, aluminum alloy cable, copper clad aluminum, power cable and do not use nail type fixed; Rack device ( Such as condenser, etc. ) Basic fixed, using soft lead connection, etc. Distribution circuit mainly foundation uneven subsidence, landslide, debris flow caused by the tower body tilt, dumping, component damage, etc. ; Check, strengthen line tower foundation; Check the match under the pole pole for chassis, unearthed a chuck, reduce tension length, increase wind pull. Each power unit to prepare in advance the earthquake accidents and the practice; Depending on how important is equipped with a variety of means of communication; Equipped with dual power supply; Equipped with emergency generator in advance, emergency generators, emergency lights, such as equipment, cable grid location and earthing switch point in advance; Equipped with fire equipment and will use ahead of time. The power grid in China area, again big earthquake destroyed also ZhuWangJia will not cause accidents, weak point is that the user to restore power in the power distribution system; Ready for the response in advance, after the earthquake, keep the equipment is not damaged, or will damage control within a certain scope and degree, can quickly restore power.
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