Aerospace electrical cable make life more comfortable in summer

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Aerospace electrical cable make life more comfortable zhdljyw P midsummer season summer is coming, as one of the traditional 'fire' cities of wuhan and to usher in the baptism of a high temperature, air conditioning has become the wuhan summer necessary home appliances. And have to say is, for wuhan, the summer power estimation is the most difficult thing, after all, speaks of wuhan hot, is not a 'hot' in general, the quality of the wires can reduce the power, the occurrence of the phenomenon such as spontaneous combustion, electricity to provide quality services. In terms of wire and cable industry, people have been calling for vigorously develop high-end, high-quality products. Cable with high quality, brand, however, the market capacity and the value of the product benefits, after all, is extremely limited and quantity bedding face is wide, support enterprise products, is still the ordinary low-end products. New urbanization construction need of wire and cable products will remain: in the low voltage underground cables and low voltage overhead cables, the small size overhead conductors, aerial cluster wires, control cables, building wire, electric cable installation, small logarithmic optical cable, optical fiber composite power cable, logarithmic copper core cable, network cable, CATV cable, and at present the country to recommend the roof of the electricity generation using photovoltaic cable, etc. Especially the building wiring, there will be a new hot selling climax. Rather than breaking head, calm down and do it. No matter how strong the calls into the high-end market, we can not ignore the basic building corresponding to market demand and product quality. Space electrician is such cable company attaches importance to product quality. From the central south region set up in the first wire factory, after more than 50 years of wind and rain baptism, the company since the childhood, from weak to strong, civilian goods enterprises has become China's space advantage, become the important production base of domestic wire and cable industry. Company annual tons of aluminum alloy conductor, tons of aluminum clad steel wire, tons of low voltage cable steel core aluminum stranded wire, km, km special wire and cable, thousands of kilometers of electrical equipment with wire. One of the main production of low-voltage wire and cable, control cable, electrical equipment etc. Good quality with lines, by the customer the consistent high praise. Such as copper core PVC insulated power cable has simple manufacturing process, high working temperature, without laying head, light weight and good chemical resistance, environmental corrosion resistance, flame retardant product has good flame retardant ability, in the case of burning can prevent fire spreading, prevent to produce large amounts of toxic smoke, with good ability of continuous power supply at the same time, the main laying and enterprise, in a residential area, hospital, school and other places, for a large staff focus area of power transmission.
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