Add 3 2015 global cable insulation demand. 8%

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Increase in global demand for cable insulation. % globledata P British commodities research institution CRU to released the latest wire and cable research report, while copper prices fell, decreased significantly in the second half of demand, but in global demand for cable insulation is expected to grow. %。 In the first half of the year, the global metal insulation cable market demand rose. %, but the second half of the year, the demand decreases obviously, growth rate is only. In %, a direct result of demand growth dropped to all the year round. %, lower than expected in early. %。 In view of the worst performance in South America market, CRU in the report pointed out that South America market metal insulation cable demand fell % is mainly influenced by's biggest economy economic weakness, major copper producers in Chile and Peru copper prices fell and the sharp decline in the Venezuelan market. Predicts that year, the market demand will rebound, but from a global perspective, it is still a weak demand in the region. CRU wire and cable, chief adviser Daniels said. 'we expect that year will present and development trend of the opposite situation, namely demand growth in the latter half of the year is significantly higher than the first half of the year. But, for the market as a whole benefits, due to optical fiber cable demand growth is slowing, % copper prices than average expected to decline this year, the global insulation cable market gains will continue to fall. ”
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