According to the national grid company to expand investment & quot; Moves faster

by:AAA     2020-04-23
( Industry news] According to the national grid company to expand investment & quot; Act fast seo P state grid company according to the expansion of investment 'moves faster. Recently, the rural electric construction and retrofit to year investment plan, and report to the relevant state ministries and commissions. Countries introduced ten measures to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth, clear requirements to further accelerate the reform of rural power grid and rural power grids to perfect the work later. Punch to heavy, measures to the accurate, work to real 'requirements, serious study to speed up the work in relation to the power grid construction. It is reported, the transformation of urban and rural power grid construction is the main points of the rural strengthen provids, upgrading of low voltage distribution network; Adhere to the '3' accelerate the electrification construction in the countryside. The company set up leading group, to guide and coordinate the construction and retrofit of expanding domestic demand, urban network site work, unified planning, technical principles and standards. Because of the large, site construction and reform of city network investment, project, task, more wide range, the company will strengthen the management of funds use and supervision and strengthening project audit and audit work. The state grid corporation management area inner city net, the focus of the rural electric construction and retrofit including, strengthen the rural power grid ZhuWangJia, accelerate the reform of the low voltage urban distribution network update, improve power supply reliability; Governance important customer power supply, improve the economic operation level of the power grid; Implement 'big pressure of small, energy conservation and emissions reduction on the overall deployment, accelerate the construction of power plants shut down area matching grid; Implementation of the 'new countryside, new power, new service on rural development strategy, accelerate the construction of new rural electrification, etc. Increase the intensity of power grid investment and construction, will directly promote the investment and consumption, and the metallurgy, building materials, electrical and machinery manufacturing and other industries have obvious role. At present, the company relevant departments and units, according to the special planning of urban network, site to start the work for pre-project, increase storage project
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