According to the characters of cable products choose cable models

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] According to the characters of cable products select cable models SXXLJT P & #; Any type of cable is used to transmit electricity information and as a realization of electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products. In broad sense cable will be referred to as 'for the cable, and in a narrow sense means the cable insulation cable models. This type of cable can be defined as a collection by a combination of the following part. More than a root or insulated wire core and cable each could have cladding layer, the total protective layer and the outer sheath. Like this kind of cable can be added without insulated conductors. ( ) To choose according to cable model and choose wire and cable products, must take into account of the use of cable products, installation conditions and the safety of the product itself. For example, according to different purposes of different products, people can choose power cable model, overhead insulated cable model, control cable type and so on, different types of cables; Also may according to the conditions of different laying, respectively to select to use plastic insulated cables, steel tape armoured cable, steel wire armoured cable, antisepsis and so on many types of cable products; Sometimes also can be according to the requirements of safety, to choose no secondary cable, flame-retardant cables, halogen-free flame retardant cable, fire-resistant cable models of cable products and so on. ( ) According to cable model to determine the choice of wire and cable conductor cross section, should consider product commonly fever, voltage loss, economic current density and mechanical strength, and so on many of the conditions and then to choose cable models. Judge: small make up according to the experience of the past. Low voltage power line because its load current is bigger, so generally carried out in accordance with the heating condition first choice conductor cross section, and then to check the voltage loss and mechanical strength; 。 Low-pressure flare path will be requiring for the voltage level of the product itself, can be carried out in accordance with the conditions allow the voltage loss of first choice section, to check the heating condition and mechanical strength; 。 For high voltage line, you must first be carried out in accordance with the economic current density choice conductor cross section, and then to check the terms and conditions of the heat and the itself allows the voltage loss; 。 For the high voltage overhead line the cable model, but also should go to check its mechanical strength. Above these is the small make up the contents of the summary for all, respectively, according to the purpose of the wire and cable laying condition and the safety of the cable product itself to choose the appropriate cable product model methods and the items need to be aware of, if you do not have experience, also can consult relevant units or engaged in the work of related professionals. 。 Hope these content can help to you, if you still have what not understand can also consult our technical support, he will be for you to solve the problem you want to know.
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