According to choose metal sheath equipment rubber cable specifications and product advantages

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] According to choose metal sheath equipment rubber cable specifications and product advantage what SXXLJT P also has a lot of rubber cable specifications, choose metal set of equipment for rubber cable has become a big problem. Next, small make up will be from five aspects, such as: the performance of the metal sleeve and metal sleeve of economy on how to select metal rubber cable sets of equipment are analyzed. ( ) Tidal performance: the surface of the metal sleeve must be no hole, sand holes, inclusions and defects such as cracks and shall ensure that has a good waterproof, tidal and sealing performance; ( ) Shielding performance: the metal sleeve must can satisfy all requirements on the properties of electric system and, its itself also should have the structure of the electrical continuity, to ensure the safe and correct conduction rated short circuit current; ( ) Mechanical protection: no matter what kind of cable specifications of the metal sleeve must be strengthened, seismic and resistant to internal expansion and external mechanical stress; ( ) Long term stability: metal sleeve itself must have a steady ability to run for a long time, ensure the normal service life of the cable; ( ) Economy: in addition to the above requirement for electrical and mechanical properties, we should also fully consider the efficiency of equipment, choose the equipment of relatively high performance-price ratio. So that the metal rubber cable sets how to choose the equipment, the small make up to introduce this cable product advantages in performance and installation method: (1) the cable, the product should be points ditch layered in cable trench should be in accordance with the standards set up a firewall and add the corresponding logo, no matter what kind of cable specifications of the products outer layer should be coated with fire retardant material. And readjusting of power cable and security communication cable shall be strictly forbidden. (2) after all across the floor or wall cable channel into the control room of the cable interlayer control cabinet and cable hole position and so on the dashboard; Cable corridor end; Cable entry position at the bottom of shaft and the position of the top cross the floor; Should be closed. (3) open the cable trench should choose the cover cover good integrity and strong. Should pay attention to keep clean in cable trench, or junk, don't allow debris piled up when near open flames homework, measures should be taken to prevent the fire into the cable trench inside. No matter what kind of rubber cable specifications of the products are used in special compression process and annealing treatment made many advanced technologies such as new high-tech cable, electrical performance, security, performance and practical application value, rubber cables and copper core cable, by contrast, it has very obvious advantage, can completely replace copper core cable. Rubber cables on the comprehensive electrical properties, such as: service life, conductive performance, creep resistance, tensile strength and weight on it is more excellent than the traditional copper cable. Under the condition of the same level of carrying capacity, the weight of the rubber cable only ordinary copper /. Cable specification aluminum alloy material product price advantage is clear, the electrical performance requirements under the premise of the same, for 'shenyang cable manufacturers, rubber cables on the engineering cost is lower than the cost of copper core cable. < /div> [SXXLJT edited] [SXXLJT in edited]
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