About the bulk transport of common sense!

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] About the bulk transport of common sense! JDKLXJ P range from the world's major transportation, transportation of large bulk cargo port imported to China port ( Tianjin, guangdong, Qingdao port) And other goods, and the Chinese ports ( Tianjin, liaoning BaYuJuan, yingkou, qin huangdao port) Such as exports. Common name and transportation of bulk cargo transport, bulk cargo import commodities are: coal, ore, grain, chemical fertilizer, feed, barley and other products, exports have coke, bauxite, and other products. Main means of transportation: sea the ship transportation, charter transportation. Chartering business involving commodity value is low. Under the terms of the trade in goods CIF or FOB price, define the charterers, there are three kinds of charter transportation mode: voyage charter ( Also known as the voyage charter) , time charter ( Time charter) , bareboat charter, shipping company involved in leasing business are mainly composed of voyage charter. Pay the owner agreed freight. Second, the mode of transportation: the ship can be divided into: panamax ( Below seventy thousand tons) And the cape of good hope, More than eighty thousand tons) 。 Three, transportation program, customer's inquiry; When customer consultation charter transportation, should understand the following questions to the customer. ( ) The mode of transportation: panamax ship type and the cape of good hope; ( ) Port of shipment and the port of discharge; ( ) The goods name and quantity; ( ) The loading rate and the discharge rate; ( ) Loading port and discharging port line; ( ) Expected time of transport; ( ) Customer unit name, contact person, telephone, fax, telex, email, etc. Inform the customer after knowing these information, freight company will offer to rent the ship freight as soon as possible, and the cost of customs declaration and forwarding in the harbour. And understand the user time to the user and the loading port and discharging port freight transportation agent company identification and customs agreement, according to the time the boat reached the port of discharge in advance notify the user to provide the required a full set of customs declaration form according to copy. And import customs clearance time: since the declaration of the means of transport days as of the date of filing, super day customs card sluggish newspaper gold, days didn't pay tax, tax on the way out of customs to impose fine for delaying payment. , inspection procedure, inspection to pay the inspection fee of exit and entry customs clearance single certificate of draft survey sampling test quality declaration procedures: declare tax inspection release customs clearance, customs clearance documents inspection documents, inspection declaration a power of attorney, inspection list, contract, invoice, weight list and quality certificate of draft survey abroad. Customs declaration form according to the customs a power of attorney, customs declaration, contract, invoice, weight list, commodity inspection, customs clearance, insurance policies, by l/c copy. Export goods customs declaration data HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/help/bg。 HTML ship company bill of lading number query HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/wlgj. html
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