# a3 # wire and cable market situation in Germany

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] # # Germany wire and cable market conditions zhangyunlong P is one of the largest economic power in Western Europe, in Germany it with quite a big gap between the other countries in Western Europe. GDP for billions of euros in Germany, take up of the total GDP of the Western Europe. %。 Most of the time in s, poor performance, Germany's economic activity during the ~ only a year. % of the trend rate of growth, it laid the Western Europe economy advocate fundamental key. Construction industry especially in Germany, the industry GDP values are actually falling. Machinery and transport sector only negligible growth. But although the German economy is so bad in recent years, per capita wealth meter compared to many parts of Germany and Western Europe is still relatively rich countries, its economic structure is also very help cable sales. Industrial GDP accounted for. % a significant share of GDP, of machinery and transport. % high share of GDP. The construction of a smaller share but also achieved. % of GDP, is still higher than the average level in Western Europe. < DIV align = left> under the basis of such economic structure, Germany has a relatively large scale is not surprising that the wire and cable market. Years of wire and cable market in Germany. Hundred million euros, accounting for western European sales in the market. %。 Weight meter to a conductor, the proportion was only slightly lower, in. %. Conductor cable utilization in Germany for kg per million euros, GDP is significantly higher than in Western Europe's average. Relative to other countries of Germany in the wire and cable market position in the fall, to wire and cable during usage per year. The % rate reduced. < / DIV> < DIV align = left> Germany cable trade is an important part of market. Although the number is not large, fully imported in % of wire and cable usage. In quantity, Germany is only a small net importer of wire and cable. Import year estimated wire core wire and cable conductor. The net trade position cannot identify development trend. In the end user market slow growth and net trade status did not improve, Germany during ~ wire cable production per year only. The rate of %. People may anticipate, by far the most strong paper generalizes is used for power, communications, and OEM cable of the winding line. The network market also is quite good, but weak in power/building market, especially in the area of non-residential buildings. < / DIV> < DIV align = left> in Germany, many previously owned by the domestic cable supplier of wire and cable companies are now owned by the pan-european company. Big companies Nexans, Pirelli and form are occupy important market share. Among them, the Pirelli and Nexans is the main supplier of the power cable. The two companies are active in other low voltage power cables, building wire and cable market. But in terms of low voltage power business, they face strong competition from Wilms group. In terms of power cable, especially in high voltage cable, Nexans and Pirelli and NKT and ABB competition, after the two companies have production base in Germany. Nexans or Germany number one supplier of winding line market, the company's huge investment in LacroixKress company can make its two factories and Europe's largest production base of winding wire together. Nexans company in the winding line with Germany's professional supplier Isodraht SchweringHasse company as well as a lower level ( IndustrieKapital) Compete with Elektrisola company. < / DIV> < DIV align = left> company active copper core communications market in Germany, The company has the only important production base in Germany) , auto line and ( Smaller share) Data cable on the market. Two other important international cable manufacturers - — Corning and Alcatel companies also have large factories in Germany, Manufacturing cable) 。 Lucent( Now belongs to the Japanese ancient river) Is also active in these markets. In addition to these cable giants, there are also some medium-sized to quite a large cable manufacturer in China. In recent years, Leoni company greatly increased its market share (in Germany Mainly in the automotive line) 。 KrombergSchubert in smaller scale was also involved in the market. Worth mentioning and power cable and data cable companies Kerpenwerke WaskWalter company. < /DIV>
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