# a2 # 2006 in the first half of the wire and cable industry economic operation situation analysis

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] # # in the first half of wire and cable industry economic operation situation analysis bakerchen P according to the China electrical equipment industry association statistics, China's wire and cable industry in the first months production of power cable. Thousands of kilometers, year-on-year growth. %; Production of the steel core aluminum stranded wire is achieved. Ten thousand tons, year-on-year growth. %。 In copper, aluminum, plastic and other main raw material for the condition of full price, look nice, signal wire and cable industry good development momentum and broad prospects. 。 Continue to increase of imports and exports, export growth still exceeded imports, surplus increase, but the low value-added products export is still 'leading role' from the export product structure, still is a low technology value-added products, wire and cable exports nearly hundred million us dollars before months of the year, first in electrical industry. The main reason for the rapid export growth, on the one hand, shows that China's wire and cable products ( Mainly to mid-range products) Still has a certain competitive advantage in the world, on the other hand is due to excess production capacity, increasing competition and domestic production enterprises to go abroad to exploit the international market to find a way out. According to to the statistical data of the month, according to the main business income margin and profit margins compared advocate business wu cost, in a small industry electrical industry, profitability is ~ times as much. This imbalance especially affected by the copper, aluminum and other major raw materials prices of wire and cable industry, the lowest product gross margin is only about %. 。 Copper, aluminum and other raw material prices continue to surge, becomes the serious main obstacle restricting the development of the industry since the end of last year, wire and cable with main raw material for copper, aluminum and other prices. Electrolytic aluminium from last month when the yuan/ton, by the month this year has increased to yuan/ton, then never out of the high rises up to %. Copper price is continues to surge, from the end of the yuan/ton, up to a month this year nearly yuan/ton, and up to the end of the yuan/ton, to finally break through yuan/ton. So far have been wandering in the high and volatile. Copper for wire and cable products, is a product of an entity is the most important raw materials. As a result of these raw materials in products accounted for more than major, More than % of the cost of production) , the price of raw materials has greatly increase as a direct result of the product cost. According to the house of wire and cable industry in the years of state grid corporation of centralized bid procurement of the bidding enterprise statistics, only because of a rise in electrolytic aluminium makes these enterprises have losses or will be a loss. One hundred million yuan. Another, according to a survey of three wire and cable enterprises copper prices caused by the enterprises in the supply contract has happened and what will happen, resulting in a loss of ten thousand yuan. Moreover, there are caused by unreasonable user payment for capital 'deposit' and 'shrink' problem. Copper and aluminum prices make wire and cable enterprise into extreme difficult position. Therefore, copper, aluminum and other major raw materials prices have become the main obstacle restricting the development of wire and cable industry. 。 Wire and cable, on the whole, excess capacity, resulting in market competition, the healthy development of industry electric wire electric cable due to enter the 'threshold' is lower, the excess capacity in recent years. Within the industry overcapacity interspersed among enterprises fight for market and heavy discounting, appear even counterfeit and shoddy, to the old new phenomenon. The market competition. According to the report, a recent period, especially since the copper prices soared, wire and cable market in cable diameter undesirable, cross-sectional area and the use of substandard products of copper and inferior products. These there are serious quality problem and inferior products also there are serious security hidden danger. Disorderly competition not only destroyed the market order, and will seriously affect the healthy development of the industry. 。 Countermeasures based on the current difficulties and problems of wire and cable industry, in terms of enterprises, on the one hand, need to start from their own, through strengthening management, further tap potential, reduce consumption, improve efficiency; Through independent innovation to promote the application of new technologies, new processes, new materials, accelerate new product development, improve product added value, make the enterprise competition strength was improved as soon as possible. Also want to in the contract price, terms of payment and the way of raw materials procurement ( Such as effective use of the futures market) The necessary research, maximize the risk-averse.
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