A subway connection Gao Tiejie luck to be born longgang deep guan

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Gao Tiejie transport a subway connection will be born longgang deep this. i atltech P Gao Tiejie transport a subway connection will be born longgang deep this. i want to rich, first build roads. Towards the regional transportation development, for days, traffic on the longgang the good news is coming. 'East' strategy, in shenzhen longgang to be bridgehead, traffic layout such as high-speed rail, the subway is necessary. Gao Tiejie luck to be born longgang, longgang district, shenzhen city is actively communicate with mansion deep railway, guangshen railway, is expected to add depth of fuzhou railway cross hillock and lee stand two MRT station, set the guangshen railway harmony train lee, pinghu railway station MRT site. Nowadays, longgang is stepping up strategic channel rail transit and rapid road network construction planning layout, and actively with dongguan, huizhou road. Future, mansion deep railway will add cross hillock and lee two MRT station, the recent use of MRT line quickly join shenzhen north station, forward line and mansion deep lines provide services. At the same time to speed up the guangshen railway guangzhou-shenzhen line ( Pinghu lo wu) The MRT research, set the luohu railway station, lee, pinghu railway station a MRT site. Strive to deep intercity lines in the middle of the 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' construction, breakthrough area bottleneck restriction, promote the construction of extending line east line, speed up the line, and the prophase work, strive to 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' during start-up projects. During the period of '' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in, longgang plan arrangement of the people's livelihood project investment of one hundred million yuan, through engineering,' with two axis three-ring 'construction of shenzhen CBD in the east. Longgang district relevant controller introduces, '' heart' namely, through the international university, city center commercial city, baolong technology tri-cities linkage to develop CBD in the east. 'Two axis' is based on longgang road, longgang river city capability of axis, series of dragon west immovable, center city, bonhams tri-cities linkage, linkage development of science and technology city axis. A subway traffic with dongguan interconnected rapid road network is longgang focuses on strengthening strategic channel construction plan, the future longgang will open three fast lanes. One is through dahuang road to the qingping high-speed connections. A salt dragon avenue to the center of the eastern channel fast. One is combined with danping phase north extension and Dan ping a second phase transformation of the construction of the fast lanes. News, according to the future of dongguan will implement the article with shenzhen subway line each other. At present the two cities is to deepen the line network connection scheme, the implementation of the two city rail transit line connecting line positioning scheme, transfer mode, the construction schedule and other issues. Future, shenzhen metro line to line and dongguan, cohesion, line line in shenzhen and dongguan, cohesion, shenzhen metro line line to bridge line with dongguan, shenzhen nanshan, light district to dongguan songshan lake to form 'central axis' science and technology, especially it is worth noting that the connection line of longgang shenzhen will across town, dongguan phoenix hills, implement deep this. i unicom. ( Cable net news) The Caledonian gloria Tony cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai office contact person: ms zou Websitehttp / / WWW. caledoniancable。 comEmailpenny@caledoniancables. Com sohu blog: HTTP / / caledonianpenny. 我。 搜狐。 com
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