A scrap cable is a cable skin and quarantine seized by solid waste

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] , waste cable is a cable skin quarantine bureau seized sanewcable P solid waste cable skin: banned the import of solid waste in China! Inspection and quarantine bureau staff told reporters that this product is banned the import of solid waste in China, as a result, the batch of waste transported out of China in accordance with the law. This is the third recent yantai port continuous seized up foreign waste illegally prohibited from entering into the case, involves the scrap metal, waste slag and waste solid waste and so on electric cable. It is understood that these solid waste are generally in a foreign country has already been processed, which contains the high value of the metal has been refined or drawn out, the remaining part of the basic or completely lose their use value, and potentially serious environmental hazard. These solid waste by false declaration in an attempt to get entry, there is apparent shift to domestic garbage and commercial fraud intention, if not under strict control, the processing of domestic waste materials recycling industry and environmental protection work extremely adverse impact. Effective inspection and quarantine bureau: must offer certificate as a result, advise import domestic enterprises in the imported waste raw materials to improve the risk prevention consciousness, strengthen risk prevention measures, not only by picture, word forms such as to determine the quality of the goods, must provide the effective inspection certificate, ensure the quality of the goods. At the same time, should clear disclaimer in the contract, avoid to cause unnecessary loss. Inspection and quarantine bureau, will further strengthen and improve the port inspection and quarantine institutions and communication between the port inspection department coordination mechanism, prevent illegal businessmen use regulatory loopholes stage mode entry. www。 sanewcable。 com
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