A product profile of the drag chain of cable

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] A product profile of the cable drag chain SXXLJT P towline cable products are mainly used in: industrial automation systems, production lines, welding robot, submersibles, handling robot, CNC machine tools and metallurgical industry, need to move back and forth and occasions. In order to prevent the cable tangle, wear, pulled off, hang and scattered, often put the cable in the cable drag chain. Drag chain of cable USES ordinary cable drag chain with bending performance, mobile flexible, wear-resisting, oil resistant and tensile, usually for enterprise automation assembly line workshop, welding robot, Marine instruments, such as engraving machine automation on a mobile device. Special cable drag chain with cold resistant, oil resistant, resistant to salt water, chemical resistance, good low temperature resistance, compression resistance and other advantages, is mainly used for outdoor conditions, a tough place to the requirement of cable, such as Marine operation automation system and instruments and meters, neritic robots, with special chemical automation equipment, metallurgical automation enterprises flexible cable drag chain. Drag chain of cable installation considerations, drag chain of cable laying cannot distort, namely not from cable drum or a unlock cable at one end of the cable, but should be rotating drum or cable to cable, the cable when necessary or hang up. For the occasion of the cable can only be obtained directly from the cable volume. , must pay attention to the minimum bending radius of the cable, the installation radius times of cable diameter. And cable in the drag chain must be loose side by side, as far as possible to separate arrangement, separated by spacers or wear into the bracket separation of space in the hole, the gap between the drag chain of cable should be at least % of the cable diameter. , drag chain of cable shall not touch each other or stuck together. Of cable, two points must be fixed, or at least on the movement of the drag chain must be fixed. General cable mobile point from pulling the chain end distance should be The Times of cable diameter. , please ensure that the cable bending radius completely mobile, which cannot be forced to move. This cable each other or with the guides by relative motion. After a period of time after operation, best check the position of the cable. The inspection should be carried out after the push and pull move. , if the drag chain broken, it is its cable also need to be replaced, because of excessive tensile damage is inevitable. < /div> [SXXLJT edited]
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