A number of policy gradually fall to the ground wind strategic position

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] A number of policy appeared gradually to the ground wind power strategic position heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 Along with our country the status of wind power development strategy significantly increased, together with renewable energy quota system is introduced, and the wind power feed-in tariff cuts and so on many policy fall to the ground, wind power new power this year is expected to appear rob tide, wind power equipment industry chain will be the first to benefit. The personage inside course of study is expected to wind around in GW of new power capacity will be this year, is expected to increase year-on-year % above. Wind the promotion of the position of strategy in the national work conference on energy has been further validation. Year end of the month at a national work conference on energy, clearly put forward 'to develop wind power'. 'Relative to the previous year and orderly development of wind power', has been a huge shift in attitudes, shows the status of the energy strategy in China has significantly increased. In fact, as early as in the international wind energy conference in Beijing last month, the National Energy Administration of new energy and renewable energy director li said, 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' period, the wind is expected to gradually change the current are seen as 'alternative energy' status, increase carry tripods national energy structure adjustment for the future main body status. Industry focus on the assessment method of the renewable energy electricity quotas, is expected to be introduced this year. It is understood that the current 'method' discussion has been through the National Development and Reform Commission, director of the conference, the last amended already done by the National Energy Administration new energy company. 'Method' to renewable energy power generation and power grid company quota of provinces and cities, proposed mandatory requirements. Incentives 'method' is put forward at the same time, in the annual assessment of the total energy consumption control, to complete the quota system indicators of the provinces, the hydropower renewable energy electricity consumption, not according to the national average power supply coal consumption for energy saving, not included in the amount of energy consumption control. Province of outstanding quota index, depending on the outstanding part of the amount of energy conversion, for outstanding energy-saving task in its total energy deducted. According to the current situation, the provinces of renewable energy quota failed to meet requirements, and the gap is bigger, so once the quota system, will stimulate the rapid growth of new energy sources, including wind power installed. At the same time, the wind power price cuts are expected to officially be born in this year. Last year the National Development and Reform Commission, the price department has issued a draft of wind power feed-in tariff adjustment. According to a new understanding, the final solution or will lower cut, are expected to decline. Yuan/kWh, substantially below comments. Yuan/kWh. No matter how much electricity price cut, eventually can judge now ripe to cut prices. The reason: first, as the wind power industry technology progress, fan equipment prices have declined obviously, wind field, the cost of investment is less. The second is, the continuous expansion of wind power grid installed in our country, has additional funds pressure on renewable energy. Under a number of policies to promote this year, the local government and operators to speed up to promote wind power of new power, rob tide is expected to appear, and so is quantity and price will drive wind power equipment industry chain. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC) Wind power policy fall to the ground, not only will drive the domestic market demand for wind power equipment, and can drive the related to wind wire and cable industry's overall demand better, believe that the policy level incentives, will be real good for cable industry.
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