A new generation of zero resistance transmission material consumption

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] A new generation of zero resistance loss transmission material ckluo P, economy, trade and industry together with the United States recently announced that Japan will develop a new generation of zero resistance transmission material consumption. Recently, take the scientific research project of the Japan international super conductive industry technology research center and the United States los altos moss national laboratory will sign a memorandum, the implementation of development plans. The current various transmission materials mainly copper, while copper conductive performance is good, but from the power station output power at home and office line about % is still to be trapped in the consumption. If you use super conductive material is almost zero resistance loss of transmission wire, then YaoZu consumption can control within %. Japan will save hundred million kilowatt hours each year, accounting for % of the total domestic's electricity, the equivalent of dozens of coal-fired power stations. In addition, the diameter of the wire thickness using super conductive materials, %, of the same thickness of existing wire transmission lines to transport more power flow, also easier to city because of population increase and equipment need to increase the power capacity of at any time. To tie in with zero resistance loss transmission materials research and development, the Japanese meti will also devote billion to billion yen for developing new type of transformer and transmission wire. In Japan to send power grid equipment updates will peak in the years ago, so before the industrialization of scientific research project, will generate great economic and environmental benefits.
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