A letter from the admonition of a cable company boss

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] A letter from the admonition of a cable enterprise boss useful P 'as we all know, counterfeiting, counterfeits, fake are not protected by state law, if appear quality problem more than ten thousand yuan to criminal liability, in this advise those illegal enterprises, not preached cried out, only to do gb products, to defraud the trust of the customers. 'Recently, cable co. , LTD. , chairman of hong-liang guo in a cable network ( www。 cableabc。 com) In an interview. Strong cable co. , LTD. , chairman of hong-liang guo fierce competition in the market for cable industry, some companies rely on low prices in the market for the customer, but in order to guarantee their own interests to cut corners, by users, shoddy, trick of non-standard cable in the cable market, cause a vicious cycle, disrupt the normal market order. 'This is the cable industry's without a doubt, is a major hidden danger, is to take people's life and property when lightly', hong-liang guo called on 'should be to crack down on such behavior, completely ban'. Hong-liang guo suggestion: cable companies should be on the production and sales of each link to full quality control, first of all to ensure that raw materials must conform to the state standards, and adopt advanced production technology and strict inspection procedures to ensure that qualified to each working procedure, fundamentally guarantee the quality of cable products. Second, to form the overall atmosphere of 'quality inspector', everyone checks, stresses the quality, not to let any a flaw into the next process, from the source to eliminate the formation of unqualified products. Cable enterprises should also be sure that let users no matter in the process of production, or warehouse or construction site products to test, the cable product quality is qualified. Some unscrupulous companies use cheap raw materials production of those unqualified products to cheat customer, time, but this kind of illegal profit is self-destructive future, hit the brand of your business, reduce their own personality, eventually become what climate, will eventually collapse. In addition, hong-liang guo also suggested that the examination department in addition to test samples, also should be used to the construction site, the owner of the spot check, and send to the national authorities to do the third party type testing, if appear in time because of cable technology, can undertake technical improvement, improve the production process and technical standards.
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