A further expand application field of electric floor heating

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Electricity floor heating applications further expand the application field of knifeqiao P electric floor heating is further expansion, in recent years, the State Council put forward the development of the 'construction of energy-saving society' outline, energy conservation and environmental protection in the field of electric heating floor heating means cognition by the user. Business electricity floor heating heating system of science and technology, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, health, effective combination, once listed, quickly became the leading brand of electricity industry of floor heating! Shaanxi electric heating from industry development stage, - In developing the market of electric heating industry in our country, this stage, electric floor heating products constantly improve the technology level, performance gradually perfect, user awareness increased, laid the foundation for further development. We expect, after 10 years of market cultivation and popularized, and developed industries encourage the policy and national standards, in the electric heating industry in our country will enter a stage of rapid growth. Years, electric heating floor heating in government, driven by the user recognition and unified environment, will usher in a golden development. From the direction of low carbon, environmental protection, conservation, intelligent, electric heating floor heating means not only conforms to China's national conditions, and conforms to our country building characteristics. And electricity floor heating heating means suitable for the north and the heating demand of the market, in terms of the advantage of electric heating floor itself, electricity floor heating household metering, long service life, maintenance free and maintenance free for the user to save a lot of inconvenience, so users are willing to use electric heating floor heating system. And with the continuous expansion of small and medium-sized cities, a serious shortage of central heating heat source, household independent heating is the trend of The Times. Relevant data show that last year the market size of electric floor heating industry in China has been increased to $, average annual growth rate %. Traditional heating means because of uneven heat, temperature control, high energy consumption, causing environmental pollution greatly, and many other problems can't satisfy the heating requirements of people. Business electricity floor heating will take advantage of high efficiency and energy saving way of heating, electric heating floor heating system using humanized design, equipped with intelligent temperature control table, not only high efficiency and energy saving in the process of operation, and good health, especially for middle-aged and old people and children. In addition, electric heating floor heating way for individual, can be divided into room, the function of remote control, you can have a network, using the Internet or mobile phone client at any time adjust the heating temperature. Electricity floor heating heating can old people and children have a more warm, more comfortable, more healthy living environment. Business group intelligent electric heating floor heating system is more favored by home users is the intelligent temperature control function, through the thermostat installed on the wall of the system, users realize the heating chamber partition electric heating floor system, timing designated temperature control, heat comfortable and warm, when the heat energy saving time to save money. With China's sustained and rapid economic development, people's living standards gradually improved, using electric heating floor heating means to improve the living and working environment is the trend of The Times, believe the future electricity floor heating sales market will be more broad! The original address: HTTP / / WWW. abdbr。 com/news////。 html
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