57 MengDong electric power company. 700 million yuan investment of power grid construction

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] MengDong electric power company. Heibaocjp P according to statistics, one hundred million yuan investment in power grid construction, significantly enhance MengDong electric power company power transmission capacity, the annual power to be delivered to the outside. Million kilowatt hour, year-on-year growth. %。 Years, MengDong electric power company power grid construction investment. One hundred million yuan, the project construction, project completed and put into production. Kailu kv power transmission and transformation project under construction, will be mainly collected kailu power, wind power base in the wind farm to MengDong conveying clean energy center, northeast power grid load of power grid. At the same time, accelerate the uhv engineering construction company, at present, XiMeng to uhv engineering construction in shandong province, south stake to tianjin project approved country, XiMeng dependency to taizhou dc project prophase work is complete, Shanghai temple to shandong dc project prophase work will be completed this month, Mr Flag to henan dc engineering prophase work official start. MengDong power was established over the years, for autonomous power and clean energy development provides a solid guarantee. Article has built the kv line out, formed the article to kv lines, kv lines as the basic form of large-scale power transmission channel, has realized the send electricity million kilowatt hour; Installed wind from kilowatts is growth to kilowatts, cumulative wind power generation has reached million kilowatt hour. Period, the company cumulative production ( ) Kv and above transmission lines km, wan kva substation capacity; MengDong SiMeng grid all kv voltage grade are interconnected with the northeast provids, ultra-high voltage dc from scratch, hulun buir, utilize modern power grid over isolated net running history for a long time, utilize modern power grid for kv ring network operation for the first time.
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