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by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] This year. Cables are you all right SXXLJT P of the calendar year. I can remember all the international consumer rights day. This year on the Internet is full for the product quality problem discussion, of course, the cable industry is no exception. Although not as in the past those years highlight and emphasize cable product quality problems, but it doesn't prove that cable products quality is no problem, in contrast, last year by years of cable products quality supervision, inspection and quarantine report the results of the country selectives examination activities, we found that the cable products quality problem is still very serious a problem. In the early years, the state grid to a total of one hundred and sixty times of suppliers on the bad behavior, the latest is the day before,. According to a paper entitled 'fujian company about 14 suppliers with bad behavior of the decision of the announcement, including many large enterprises, because of the product does not conform to the standard is processed. Throughout the year. Eve has also been reported to be of poor quality, it also highlighted more seriousness in addition to the quality of the cable industry, especially contains still contains some famous enterprises and even the listed company. But the power cable which on the one hand, the main quality problem is sheathed weightlessness test result is unqualified, alone in Inner Mongolia were detected unqualified product rate was as high as fifty percent, followed by the gansu province, unqualified products rate is as high as twenty percent, besides this, shandong, henan, hubei, sichuan, yunnan and the province of xinjiang, Area) The fraction defective is higher than the national average. From another big mainstream products, PVC insulated flexible cable wire, the main problem is that the insulation aging elongation at break and elongation at break after insulation aging before the two aspects of the inspection result is unqualified. It compared with power cable is slightly better, but in Inner Mongolia, shandong, and the three provinces of hubei province ( Area) The rate of unqualified products is still in the cable industry's higher than the national average. From the year. So far, according to incomplete statistics, only the media exposure and release the 'unqualified product quality' and other relevant information is as high as more than one hundred and seventy enterprises, involved in the province ( City, area) Near a. Years, on the quality of the State Council issued by the wire and cable products rectification plan explicitly put forward: to product quality improvement of wire and cable industry to national rectification plan, to speed up the quality good faith system construction, issued a 'red HeiBang' of enterprise product quality, increase the quality of some illegal cases of dishonest enterprise and quality of the exposure. To this, the President of the China machinery industry federation comrade rui-xiang wang, the quality of the products was rose to national cable industry now rectification plan, is that it has come to the point where must be solve! Therefore, even if the wire and cable products quality problem is not in last year's & #; Party the field exposure, but the domestic wire products is still very serious quality problem, we are in terms of the quality of the product promotion, is still can't slack off, pressed into fake and shoddy products, heavy fines counterfeiting of merchants. We Shen Xing cable in this commitment, we sell all cables are produced, through formal manufacturing process as well as new manufacturing process is made. We selected raw materials are also according to the international standard. Would you please supervise,. Our cable industry in action! Our cable industry in action!
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