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2018 - In 2019, wire and cable industry concentration degree analysis

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Bruce P concentration in wire and cable industry analysis in recent years, under the rapid development of national economy, China's infrastructure construction by leaps and bounds, new energy, military industry, ocean engineering, rail transit, at a high pressure, such as smart grid development, demand for wire and cable release, wire and cable industry usher in rapid development. By the end of the wire and cable industry in our country there are enterprises above designated size, total actual manufacturers more than m. At present, the main products in wire and cable enterprises mostly technology content and low value-added products products, can produce cable, military cables for nuclear power superconducting cable, rolling stock, fire-resistant cable, cable and other special cable manufacturers are numbered. Data source: the supervision and administration of production safety, but China's wire and cable industry concentration degree is low, the products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, market competition is increasingly fierce. Small businesses currently dominates in the wire and cable industry in China. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that year, small business sales revenue accounted for the proportion of the industry is up to. %。 In addition, the regional distribution of the wire and cable industry in China is unbalanced. In east China area sales of the largest wire and cable industry, accounts for more than half of the industry sales revenue, to achieve. %, followed by the south China region, sales of the industry's revenue. %。 In other parts of the wire and cable industry sales are under %. Currently the vast majority of Chinese wire and cable enterprise is small and medium-sized enterprises, the biggest companies in the industry market share but also % ~. %。 Under the condition of the industry high-speed development in recent years, the concentration degree of industry has not improved. But in some specialized products industry concentration is high, such as cable and enameled wire products manufacturing before a vendor's output value of industry overall %. The direct consequences of many Chinese enterprises, low industrial concentration is a fall in profits, excess capacity, wire and cable industry adjustment and integration is the mainstream trend of the future for a period of time. The future with the improvement of our country industrialization development degree, the improvement of the infrastructure construction, the improvement of urbanization level, will appear obvious polarization cable industry, industry concentration is expected to increase.
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