2012 annual meeting of the south China cable industry of eight major advantages

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] South China cable industry annual meeting of the eight advantages a P a, set the domestic cable connection industry the core of the pearl river delta region as the international and domestic cable industry research and development, production, distribution, cable industry's share of global GDP each year %. 'Information transmission cable production, innovation coalition of guangdong province', 'dongguan wire and cable industry association' moment for the regional brand in the industry of domestic cable connections. Second, the pearl river delta the most forward-looking cable connection industry elite to the target development potential and future prospects of the industry, as the cable connection industry enterprises of the most powerful backing, strive for the best quality for the enterprise resources has been pursuing careers by alliance association. This annual meeting is not only the domestic industry leader to participate in, is trying to gather more outstanding experts in foreign industry. Three, multilateral interactive roundtable industry elite, senior engineers, entrepreneurs, government officials and media critics will be on the depth of the discussion at the meeting. In the interactive discussion industry development trends, understand the domestic and international situation, the enterprise management, and create more opportunities to communicate with attendees. Four, series of intensive professional media strategy through south China cable network, China's wire and cable network and other portals, domestic authoritative industry magazines and newspapers, and connect the city of magazine, connecting the city weibo, domestic friendship association, and many other media marketing, advertising and media association cooperation partners at home and abroad market visibility. South China cable industry annual conference on five, eight professional advantage image promotion for the cable industry in the south China cable network connection city magazine will make special report for this annual meeting company name and logo printed on sponsors, can also access the address book of all participants and sponsors, to make the meeting until after the all-round enterprise image promotion. Six, the elite from all walks of life gathered the meeting attendees are cable connection industry elite, including raw materials, wiring harness production, research and development, cable equipment, the legal profession in elite, participants up to more than one. The seven units, government support the annual conference sponsored by the association of dongguan cable, authoritative enterprise association jointly, in the province by the government, industry association. And folk cooperate fully cooperate with the government to ensure that the meeting record of success. Eight, the organizer many years of experience in China and the United States market organizer has many years of experience in domestic and international exchanges, has hosted many large domestic academic conferences, etc. ( ) Co-organizers or business cooperation: : five, propaganda background plate, put data into the bag, sitting high table and send the meeting place on both sides of a simple stands near the podium, power receiving leadership and annual cooperation award, and thanks. Units, sponsorship: five, the background plate propaganda, put data into the bag, the guests sit in the front row seats, on both sides of the venue by simple booth after a; , enterprise publicity booth: each yuan 3, sponsorship packages detailed breakdown cost ( Ten thousand yuan) Remark all the exclusive sponsorship places named units sponsoring the sponsorship program for interested with a strategic partner, and is committed to promoting company's brand influence, the prestigious institutions custom co-sponsors sponsors. Gifts sponsorship gifts sponsored this sponsorship as committed to establish and build global business network, high-end partners, such as the mainstream media public relations agencies customization
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