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2010 documentary two power grid construction in China

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Power grid construction in China documentary sanewcable 2 P, xiangjiaba - Shanghai + 800000 v high voltage dc power transmission demonstration project completed and put into production. Xiangjiaba - Shanghai + 800000 v high voltage dc power transmission demonstration project bear the large hydropower bases of the downstream reach of the jinsha river sends out the task, from yibin in sichuan province after the dragon converter station, stop at Shanghai fengxian converter station, line (1907 km). Engineering + 800 kv rated voltage, rated current 4000 amps, rated power 6. 4 million mw, the maximum continuous transmission power of 7. 2 million kw. 7. 4 billion yuan. From year to year, uhv power transmission in China from scratch, from put forward ideas, scientific verification to the project have been built and trans-regional configuration function for energy resources, implements the comprehensive breakthrough. Xiangjiaba - Shanghai - kilovolt high voltage direct current power transmission demonstration project is conveying capacity of the largest in the world, the transmission distance, as far as the most advanced technology level, the highest voltage level of HVDC project, its transmission capacity to achieve million kilowatt, every year to Shanghai million kilowatt hours cleaning water and electricity, the equivalent of Shanghai % of annual electricity consumption. Comment on uhv engineering realization in the field of uhv power transmission in our country take the lead in the 'created in China' and 'China'. Relying on uhv technology research and engineering practice, has mastered the core technology of the uhv transmission in our country, to become the world's 'leader' of uhv transmission technology. State grid companies declare uhv patent item, has been authorized; Completed uhv ac test base, the dc test base, high altitude test base, engineering mechanics experiment bases and large power grid simulation, dc complete sets of design research and development center, formed a complete function, the comprehensive index in the world leading level of the power grid experiment system; Have mastered the core of the uhv equipment manufacturing technology in China, developed on behalf of the world's highest level of uhv ac and dc key equipment of complete equipment, created a number of world records, form batch production ability, promotes the electrician equipment manufacturing industry in our country into the international advanced level. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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