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2010 documentary three power grid construction in our country

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Power grid construction in China documentary sanewcable P 3 month day, year one of the western development important engineering projects designated by the state - — In xinjiang and the northwest kv power grid interconnection, gansu outside a period must kilowatt wind send projects are put into operation, marking the power grid has ended the history of the isolated net running in xinjiang, gansu must kilowatt wind power delivery channels to get through, the northwest region of water, fire and wind 'baling' east to become a reality, created the power, a new milestone in the history. Kv north substations, the project began in xinjiang in gansu kv transformer substations, forever stand line and double line km mileage, wan kva substation capacity, with a total investment of one hundred million yuan. This is power grid on the history in our country so far, the longest line, the worst construction environment, and system debugging is the most complicated of a project. Project through the gobi desert, the hexi corridor, the thyme wind area, the climate is changeable and complex environment. Under the winter temperatures as low as zero degree Celsius, summer temperatures as high as degrees Celsius above, belong to the wind, dust, rain and snow, freezing and other natural disasters regions, construction conditions is very hard, safety risk control is difficult. Comments on xinjiang power grid into the national grid, optimize energy structure, energy security in xinjiang, and promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and so on all is of great significance. After the project was put into operation, realizes the xinjiang power grid and the northwest power grid of networking, promotes the xinjiang energy resource development, implementation, 'xinjiang electricity delivery', at the same time provides a channel to be delivered to the outside wind, gansu province, is advantageous to the northwest within the broader given green clean energy of tens of millions of kilowatt wind power base. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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