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2010 documentary six power grid construction in China

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Power grid construction in China documentary six sanewcable P CSG uhv bipolar and put into production on June 18, the world's first + 800 kv HVDC project - — Cloud uhv dc transmission project bipolar completed and put into production, it is one of the world's highest voltage level of HVDC project, for the implementation of national strategy of 'China', the independent innovation strategy, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction strategy, contributed to the development of low carbon. CSG uhv dc power transmission project from yunnan chuxiong, east to guangdong guangzhou, the transmission distance is 1373 km, + 800 kv rated voltage, rated capacity of 5 million kilowatts, from chuxiong converter station, guangzhou east on both sides of converter station, dc lines, grounding and grounding line five major components. Project starts at the end of 2006, on June 30, 2009 unipolar put into production. CSG uhv dc engineering as a groundbreaking, challenging world class engineering, overcome a lot of technical challenges, many of which are currently the world's cutting-edge technology. Engineering construction process, the southern power grid company well mastered the core technology of uhv dc transmission, formed a set with independent intellectual property rights, covers the research, design, installation, construction, commissioning and acceptance of technical specifications and process standards, a total of drafting national and industry standards 25 items, application or 106 authorized patents, eight software copyright registration. 9%. Comments on the construction of uhv power transmission project, is the south net further advances the strategy of 'China'. After the period of '11th five-year plan', China can be large-scale development of electric power resources in southwest China are mainly concentrated in yunnan, the distance from the eastern power load center for up to 1300 km, 1800 km, in this case, the uhv dc transmission technology to become more efficient, more economical choice. The project completed and greatly enhances the ability of yunnan hydropower conveying guangdong, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 17. 6 million tons a year, will strongly promote the transformation of the mode of economic development in guangdong, yunnan province, and promote the development of low carbon, at the same time for the future implementation of greater distances, larger capacity, higher efficiency of electricity laid a solid foundation, to speed up China's southwest region and the greater Mekong subregion hydropower resources development and utilization has important significance. The project completed and put into operation, marking China's occupied the commanding heights in the field of direct current transmission, voltage grade, power technology, equipment manufacturing, and power grid construction in the new stage, into the ranks of the world's leading.
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