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2010 documentary seven power grid construction in China

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Power grid construction in China documentary seven sanewcable ningdong P - Date of shandong dc was put into operation, east ningxia - Demonstrative project of shandong - kv HVDC pole Ⅰ system was put into commercial operation, then to shandong transmission capacity from ningxia ningdong coal base, power into mw. The project is the first in the world - kv voltage grade dc power transmission project, west to east ningxia yinchuan converter station, east to Qingdao in shandong province converter station, line km in length, ningxia, shaanxi, shanxi, hebei and shandong provinces of counties ( City) 。 Bipolar total kilowatts transmission capacity, the static total investment of one hundred million yuan. The project will become the northwest power grid transmission of important transmission channels, to the north China power grid is the focus of the country 'China' power grid construction projects. In northwest China after project completion was put into operation, the Yellow River upstream hydropower and ningdong thermal power baling straight will be sent to the shandong, ningxia and northwestern region resource advantage into economic advantage, greatly ease the pressure power supply tension, energy resources shortage in shandong province. Ningdong - Shandong dc engineering than the approved construction, full, on both ends on the substantive work. After all the contractors the general project builders took months of hard fighting, engineering on (date) (month) (year) lines across the bridge, (date) (month) (year) to complete the system debugging, extremely Ⅰ system on one-time trial run by day. During commissioning, engineering remain unipolar rated power transmission capacity, from the ningdong coal base to shandong grid electricity. Million kilowatt hour, realizes the direct economic benefits more than ten thousand yuan. Comment on east ningxia - Shandong dc engineering Ⅰ system put into commercial operation in advance, marked the our country at a distance, large dc transmission technology to achieve a major breakthrough again. At the same time, the engineering construction bearing the 'technological innovation demonstration' and 'management innovation' demonstration of the dual mandate, will boost inter-district HVDC project in standardized management, the design level, quality and safety, equipment localization rate and so on to a new level. Project is completed powerstation, will in the future construction and operation of the dc voltage level engineering and play an exemplary role. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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