2010 documentary five power grid construction in our country

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Power grid construction in China documentary five sanewcable P a new start in the rural electric reform central file, number one, we need to work quickly to implement a new round of rural power grid upgrading project, improving the capacity of rural electric power supply reliability and power supply. State grid corporation acquired Zhang Lianying said, deputy director of the 'home appliances to the countryside' policy, at the end of last year has thousands of accumulative total sales of home appliances to the countryside product, not only boost the rural consumption, also for related enterprises to develop the vast rural market. But the trouble with this is that the rural power grid load capacity with the increasing power consumption is not match, but this doesn't match the power supply system has affected the rural the enthusiasm of consumers to purchase use electrical appliances. To solve the problem of power grid 'their', the country will invest a huge sum of money to start this round of retrofit project. Insiders disclosed according to the power grid, the state capital of one hundred million yuan this year to retrofit is expected, according to the proportion of capital accounts for % calculation, the annual investment in the rural electric reform of 'big plate' nearly one hundred million yuan. Provide a provincial power of state grid corporation is expected to get some % investment arrangements. Comments on our years - In the big round retrofit, construction and renovation of two site last year, state has invested more than one hundred million yuan. Countries get to promote rural electric power industry development, not only improving farmers' life, consumption, investment and the role of a very large, % % in the power grid construction funds for equipment purchase. This round of retrofit is expected to iron and steel, electrical equipment, and play a significant role in the construction industry. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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