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2010 documentary a power grid construction in China

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Power grid construction in China documentary a sanewcable P connecting a energy artery for qinghai and Tibet - — The Tibetan grid network engineering, in golmud in qinghai and Tibet Lhasa construction at the same time. The power to creat 'will be built at the end of the year, with qinghai Tibet will realize grid network, completely solve the problem of power shortage in Tibet, and at the same time for the qinghai-tibet plateau area economic and social development to provide important energy security. , west to the east project in qinghai Tibetan capital Lhasa, the line stretches for miles. Project includes two sections: xining to golmud kv ac power transmission and transformation project and golmud to Lhasa - kv HVDC project. One hundred million yuan, by state grid company is responsible for the investment, construction and operation. According to the rules, years to years, Tibet power grid through the line about million kilowatt hours of input power, can completely meet the Tibetan economic and social development during the 'twelfth five-year' electricity demand. Comments on the Tibetan networking engineering is the fundamental to solve the power supply in Tibet, Tibet is to optimize the power structure, the important means for improving the capability of optimal allocation of resources, is to improve the Tibet people's living standards, enhancing national unity light engineering and popular project. After the completion of project, Tibet and qinghai grid are interconnected, the history of the isolated net running over Tibet. It will be after the qinghai-tibet railway, connecting the Tibetan and a energy artery, will provide important economic great-leap-forward development of Tibet's energy security. In addition, Tibet power grid can be incorporated into the national power grid, can be in a greater scope to achieve the optimal allocation of energy resources, improve the power structure of Tibet, protect the plateau ecological environment. The Tibetan network engineering for Tibet is rich in hydropower resources development and the output. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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