120 years ago a submarine cable laying on both sides of the Taiwan straits

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Years ago a submarine cable laying on both sides of the strait ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] Historical records, years and years of Chen Daozhang on crutches for seven of the shidao, finally found the first submarine cable line of the Taiwan straits and lz. Previously, Chen Daozhang has access to relevant information and chart weighing kilograms. The undersea cable is laid of late qing dynasty. Years, sink remains frame order against the Japanese invaders, found that Taiwan and the mainland to Taiwan information communication is quite time consuming, then to the laying of submarine cables were allowed, please. After contracting engineering north is the company to the old time line when the real thing was blocked by the ship administration, engineering. In Taiwan province, the first governor liu mingchuan sent contact fuzhou ship administration, using the cable ship administration school graduates for technical personnel, in the years laying successful Taiwanese freshwater to fuzhou sichuan sihai, total length of the sea bottom wire. This is our design and furnish the first submarine cables. This cable was destroyed by the second world war. Previously for site authorities across the Taiwan straits. Chen Daozhang found cable channel and lz, sensation all over the world. According to records, the Taiwan governor liu mingchuan actively set up sea land telegraph wires, creating postal service, in order to strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and mainland. Years, fujian ship administration secretary heavy shot given the events of the Japanese invasion. From the military point of view to realize the positive role of the telecommunications, was ready to set up the telegraph office in Taiwan, erecting the amphibious wires. But due to various reasons, without success. Years, Ding Richang Ren Fujian governor and apprehension, and won the qing court approval, has been set up in tainan two ground wires, this is the first telegraph lines in Taiwan, but limited to tainan corner, neither information flow across Taiwan, Taiwan and the mainland can't communication links. Liu mingchuan fondle, after deeply no matter from the aspects such as political, military, or economic perspective, all need to strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and mainland, and erection of waterway telegraph line is the best method to the connection. This matter is urgently needed. Based on this understanding, he established in Taipei in administration of cables, appointed Zhang Weiqing agent, and instructs the Taipei trade commissioner Li Tongen approaching the company set up foreign related matters. In the same year, month and month, Li Tongen ty to foreign firm with Germany and Britain respectively jardine signed the cable lines and between Taiwan and the mainland manufacturing cruise ship in the contract. Liu mingchuan attaches great importance to cable line construction work. Although this time later signed a contract, but liu mingchuan instructions, must be completed as soon as possible. Results, submarine telegraph lines laid a successful first, two undersea cable across the Taiwan strait, Taiwan and the penghu, Taiwan and the mainland. A stone mountain since the Taipei Shanghai tail haikou to fuzhou sichuan ( The min river mouth of banana island) , long kilometers; the other from tainan anping mom palace, the total length of the section from haikou to penghu.
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